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Il y a une version anglaise ! Pour les images, malheureusement ça ne rentrerait pas (et je suis piètre dessinateur). Mais ça veut dire que toute la disquette est consacrée à faire un monde riche, flexible et interactif ! :)

Coucou, félicitations, vous avez fini 2e du concours ! :)

Pourriez-vous m'envoyer un mail à hugo chez hlabrande point fr ? J'organise la remise des récompenses cette semaine. Merci !

Hello! J'ai essayé de jouer à votre jeu mais j'ai un petit souci : quand je clique sur "Run Game" et que j'arrive sur la page, une partie du texte sort de l'écran. Je pense que vous avez oublié d'activer le réglage "enable scrollbar" dans itch ! J'espère que ça fonctionnera avec. Merci et bonne chance pour le concours !

Génial, merci !

Félicitations !

Et oui, malheureusement, le chargement du jeu est long ; il y a aussi un préchargement qui est effectué à ce moment-là pour que l'acte I du jeu soit plus réactif et plus fluide.

Content que ça t'aie plu en tout cas ! Puis-je te suggérer de mettre une note au jeu sur itch ("rate this game") pour contenter Le Grand Algorithme ? :)

Super ! Très content de voir le jeu tourner sur du matériel d'époque :) Je viens de le poster sur mon Twitter, si ça dérange pas !

Bonjour Frédéric ! Ravi que le jeu te plaise, merci beaucoup !

Pour l'huile, tu as dû trouver le briquet ; pour le bois, il y en a pas loin de la boutique ! Ou sinon, fais comme dans le premier acte du jeu :) (J'avais rajouté cette solution alternative après qu'un testeur me l'ait fait remarquer ; si j'ai rien cassé depuis ça doit toujours marcher...)

Bonne exploration :)

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Hello! Sorry, this is a silly mistake in the manual :) It's ok if there are two files, just type "INTERP" and the game will start. I just updated the manual.

(There would have been 5 files if I had managed to add a loading screen, but ultimately I couldn't get it to work. Maybe for a future update!)

Enjoy the game!

Parfait ! J'espère qu'il te plaira !
Sur certains interpréteurs comme WinFrotz, on peut copier-coller le texte ; c'est pratique pour utiliser Google Translate en jouant !

Oui ! Bientôt ! :D

Merci ! J'espère qu'il te plaira !!

Merci Stéphane ! C'est une jolie peinture, de base, plus un peu de Multipaint :D

Thank you for the kind words! And oops, you're not supposed to have infinite points :D Thanks for letting me know!

This is good enough, noted. Thank you :) Poor Samuel was under a time constraint and found more than enough bugs, this is totally my fault haha. Probably a "before" that was a bit too broad and catches too many responses. Thanks!

Hi Alessandro! This is awesome, thank you so much for this great review! Congratulations on your annual, it is very well-done, and I'm very happy to be a part of it :)

(There's a small copy-paste error in the review: "inventory at the beginning, cannot be dropped before actually using them". I don't mind, but perhaps you do :) )


Hi Tony! Unfortunately Inform 7, even pared  down, generates too much code to fit on a retro computer! I used Inform 6, its C-like predecessor; and since even that doesn't fit on an 8bit computer, I used the PunyInform library for I6. I hope this helps, let me know if you need more pointers :) And enjoy the game!

Oh my! Thanks for the hourough report. I will look into it!

Oh, thank you for letting me know!! The first upload in my script failed because of a time out, and that was the Amiga. It is now up! Sorry about that!

I know one person who likely is on finished it!

No worries, don't apologize!! It's my first time rolling out a game with that toolchain, and I don't know the platforms as well as the people who have been using them for a while, so I appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to perfect my toolchain for future use ;) Enjoy the game!

Some people have reported problems even with Adobe Reader on Windows. (Which really surprised me!) It may be because of a font that's not installed on all computers, but I'm not sure. The text version should work for everyone :D

Hi again! My efforts to determine the cause of this behavior were unsuccessful, so I made a "fallback": a text file with so much space between each clue that you won't accidentaly reveal anything. I hope it works well for you, and thanks for letting me know about the problem!

Thank you all for reporting! That is rather odd, I'm a bit baffled. I don't really know what could be the problem; I used a LibreOffice document with black writing on a black background, and then exported to PDF.

Could it be because of the font? I used the Caterina font; maybe if it's not installed on your computer, it won't display and/or copy?

I will investigate and release a new version of the InvisiClues soon, possibly tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Jammet, today's update should address the save problem. Let me know if it works better with the .d81 file on TheC64! Thanks

Hi! How do you mean? It won't let you select any text, or does the selection not change the color of the text? (If selecting text works then you could copy and paste - not as convenient, though, I know...)

Thank you!

oh wow nice find! I definitely need to fix that! Thanks 😁  

Thanks for the notification! I will update it this weekend, and then it should be good :)

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Yay! Thank you! Have fun!

Hello, I managed to fix the bug in the z3 file! Spatterlight should work now :)

Oh no!! I think i know what you're talking about, and oops :) I will fix that in the next update for sure (maybe this weekend). Thank you for the kind words and for the bug report!

Sounds good! Thanks for checking on your XEGS! And yes, maybe I'll put that command in the readme. Have fun!

Oh interesting. Which emulator for the Atari 8-bit was that? It might be something to mention in the manual. Let me know how real hardware goes.

And is RESTORE the command you're looking for? :)

Sounds good! Enjoy the splash screen too! :)

Glad you like it!!

Thanks! I have filed a bug report. It might not get fixed right away, but it's good for future players!

Oh! Oops! Thanks :)

Digging deeper, and both Spatterlight and Gargoyle use the same engine, so that could be the problem. Could i get the version of Spatterlight you're using?  I'll try to see if it can be fixed.

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Did it disappear? I'm sorry! I dont know why that happened :/

As for the bug, you're talking about the full game right? I need to investigate, but I had the same issue on Gargoyle for Linux. I don't know what causes it. Sorry :/ I'm going to try to fix it but in the meantime you should try another interpreter... (Lectrote works on OS X). Will keep everyone posted! Sorry!

Hi! Good point, it's not obvious! You'll find the hint book in the "" archive, in the full game's downloads :)