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Hi again! My efforts to determine the cause of this behavior were unsuccessful, so I made a "fallback": a text file with so much space between each clue that you won't accidentaly reveal anything. I hope it works well for you, and thanks for letting me know about the problem!


Yes, the fallback method does work for me. However, I would be interested in what PDF reader you used that was successful in reading your InvisiClues PDF. I was unsuccessful in both macOS and Windows. I was sure it would work in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows.

I just played with white text on a white background in Pages and exported the file as a .docx (Word 2007 or later) file. It worked exactly as you intended the InvisiClues PDF to work.

That might be a nice third option for those of us who cannot get the PDF to work, but like the idea of selecting the text to reveal the hint. I thought that was a clever idea.