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Hey there!

(is that an Evil Genius avatar?)

Very happy you're enjoying the game! Right now we don't worry about balance too much, and prices change build to build. Right now, every should pay for itself in 18-24 months, if played perfectly (like the real world, ish). Later on, you'll be able to add modules to factories, to work faster (more pollution and upkeep), so you can balance out the pipeline. Something important to know is that complex recipes (brandy, paint) pay A LOT more than the simple ones (barrels, bottles)

Just keep playing, you'll get better!

Yes, this is Maximillion from Evil Genius, great work spotting that!

Ahh, it makes me happy to hear that, all great information. This will save me much headache from being too pedantic about optimisation! Guess I should just relax a bit and not worry about it and just explore what the game has to offer right now.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Here to help!