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Just found and finished this, was a great experience. 

I have to say that the only thing that really disappointed me about this though, was that there just wasn't enough! Flesh it out with maybe a dozen missions or so with increasing complexity for the full version and I'll defo drop some money on this. Really nice work! 

p.s. I signed up for your newsletter

[Hops excitedly from foot to foot]

Awesome news, and good luck at Gamescom! I can't wait to see all the shiny new things! :D

Oh, I disabled the itch sandbox mode and it's working now.

Hi, I just updated and when I launch from the itch client I get a error dialogue box saying: 

"Failed to initialize player. 


Failed to load PlayerSettings (internal index #0).
Most likely data file is corrupted, or built with mismatching
editor and platform support versions."

When I launch from the executable directly, it's fine.

Yes, this is Maximillion from Evil Genius, great work spotting that!

Ahh, it makes me happy to hear that, all great information. This will save me much headache from being too pedantic about optimisation! Guess I should just relax a bit and not worry about it and just explore what the game has to offer right now.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Dapper Penguins (cool name by the way),

I recently saw the Yogscast playing this and it looks really good, so I bought it! I really enjoy your game, it scratches this itch I was having.

I was just wondering if in later versions prices will be tweaked a bit or are you going to add some things to increase 'efficiency?' Because you have to lay out a lot of infrastructure for the smallest bit of profit, and it's almost impossible to recoup the cost in a reasonable timeframe. Don't get me wrong, I am a patient person and understand that you don't turn profits immediately, but it seems a bit off when I am losing money for 3-5 years straight before getting to the green.

Or am I looking at this wrong, and instead of playing 'realistically' should be focussing on what I'll be doing in like 20-30 years and just ignore the 'short-term' losses?? Haha. 

Thanks for all your work!