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Hi Isaac! I just played this game and I really enjoyed it!

I had a doubt about the K/Q/J villagers. Is only one K/Q/J card enough to mark all 3 family members or do I have to draw all three cards?

I really liked the idea of using the cards to combine the result (suit and number/figure). Thanks!


Yep, as soon as you mark one K/Q/J villager, mark all three. So you only need one card to do it, as long as you can match the pattern.


Just played with my wife and 5 year old son and we had a blast! I also have one question about the “royal” villagers… If you have the pattern for, say, the K/Q/J of hearts, can you add their house when you get a face card of any suit? Or does it need to be a face card from the matching suit (hearts in my example)?


Nice, glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, the intention is that in order to welcome the Heart KQJ family, you would need a Heart face card (or you can use an Ace of any suite).


Perfect, thanks! One last question - when you have welcomed a royal family, does the house count as 1 or 3 villagers? We think it’s 3, but the question came up, as it really counts towards the final tally!


Yep, three is correct!