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I loved the game so far, bought the 18+ version and newly finnished Damiens route. Gonna take Carraults route last. I'm now trying for Kaul, but for some reason, the part were you suppose to choose either to go left, right or go straigt, the go straight option is not there. What should I do/choose to get that option? :-)

Have you tried closing the game and reopening? It's a bug that sometimes appears that we can't figure out :(

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Yes I have tried everything (or I think I have tried everything), but so far it doesn't work. I found a way to go Kauls route. What I have to do is to play the demo first, then the go left, right and straight option is there. I save it where the option is there, then close the demo and play the full version. Load the save then I can click on the "go straight" option and then go from there and it works :-)

Update;I think it didn't work, for some reason all of kauls option route doesn't show up at all, only Damian and Carraults route. Or do I have to finnish both Damian and Carraults route then I get acces to Kauls? Would you guys mind fixing kauls route? I bought the full R-18+ PC version :-)

You'll need to finish both Damian's and Carrault's routes in order to unlock Kaul's route. Hope that fixes everything >_<

I actually found that I had to restart the app after I completed the other two routes, and then I had to click on "apologize" and "keep the man's gaze" in order to start interacting with Kaul's route.