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Yes I have tried everything (or I think I have tried everything), but so far it doesn't work. I found a way to go Kauls route. What I have to do is to play the demo first, then the go left, right and straight option is there. I save it where the option is there, then close the demo and play the full version. Load the save then I can click on the "go straight" option and then go from there and it works :-)

Update;I think it didn't work, for some reason all of kauls option route doesn't show up at all, only Damian and Carraults route. Or do I have to finnish both Damian and Carraults route then I get acces to Kauls? Would you guys mind fixing kauls route? I bought the full R-18+ PC version :-)

You'll need to finish both Damian's and Carrault's routes in order to unlock Kaul's route. Hope that fixes everything >_<

I actually found that I had to restart the app after I completed the other two routes, and then I had to click on "apologize" and "keep the man's gaze" in order to start interacting with Kaul's route.