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Oh no worries, I hoped it didn't come as aggressive or something because there were none ahaha :-)

I hope you don't stress yourself, and your health/mental health is always the no. 1 priority. Stay safe out there hun ^^

Will there be a guide/cheat too? Super excited for the game! :-D

btw, will the full release be posted here? ^^

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Hello is there anyone else also stuck at Jace route and can't trigger the Event 5, where you have to go too the bath house to get a scene with him? I also went to the bath house before the supposed event to start, and I met him there and he got scared and left. When I went in to the bath house the day it's supposed to start the event, only Butch and Rusty is in there and not Jace. I even bought the cheat map and did everything there, but still can't trigger the 5th event and get the bath house event with him. Please anyone help me? Thanks for future replies ^^

Update: Okay so to trigger that event, you first have to have sex with either Butch or Rusty, and when it's wednesday again, then you can finally trigger the Jace event x)

Oh no worries already downloaded it, and also it's not only you, it actually happens with other creators to for some reason. Sometimes you just can't download from the computer itch app, but only from the internet/browser ahaha x)

Oh nevermind I just now found out that you can actually download the demo, but it will only work at the website/internet browser version of itch and not on the itch app for some weird reason ahaha ^_^

No wait I just found out right now that for some reason you can't download the game by using the itch app, but you can actually download the game from the web browser/internet version off itch. Just downloaded from the the internet now and it works and for some reason not here, don't know why, but try it guys ^^

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Hello just wondering, when is the next update coming? It's April 2020 now and haven't seen a update since december 2019. 

Hope you stay safe ^^

Also I just noticed that the updated demo is only the Mac version and not the Windows version as well x)

Hello I'm one of your kickstarter backers, just wondering if you guys have any updates on the games? Last update was in 16. April 2019, and now it's actually 16. April 2020 ahaha ^^

Where does it say that it has been dropped? I really hope it isn't dropped :-/

What really? Where did you read it? :-O

Hello, I kickstarted/pledged the Servant's Approval (USD20$), will I still get the key right, just not the early access? Just wondering since I can't download the early access part ahaha ^^

Hello,  unfortunately my pledge didn't go through because of no money ahaha (T^T) so when the full game is released, can I buy it here? :-)

Even though my otp is Odin x Laslow, Laslow x Xander works too ^^

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Yes I have tried everything (or I think I have tried everything), but so far it doesn't work. I found a way to go Kauls route. What I have to do is to play the demo first, then the go left, right and straight option is there. I save it where the option is there, then close the demo and play the full version. Load the save then I can click on the "go straight" option and then go from there and it works :-)

Update;I think it didn't work, for some reason all of kauls option route doesn't show up at all, only Damian and Carraults route. Or do I have to finnish both Damian and Carraults route then I get acces to Kauls? Would you guys mind fixing kauls route? I bought the full R-18+ PC version :-)

I loved the game so far, bought the 18+ version and newly finnished Damiens route. Gonna take Carraults route last. I'm now trying for Kaul, but for some reason, the part were you suppose to choose either to go left, right or go straigt, the go straight option is not there. What should I do/choose to get that option? :-)