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Thanks for your interest! I do plan on looking into a Steam release, likely over the next few months. Unfortunately I do not have enough information Steam's business model with developers to know for sure if it would be feasible to retroactively provide Steam keys to orders placed on other platforms. Generally speaking if it didn't cost me anything or much to do that, I would do it. 

It's 100% possible. I have a game on Itch and Steam (it was released on Itch first), and I give Steam keys for Itch purchases. Steam keys are free to the developer. The only thing you'd lose is a bit of time setting it up through Itch, which really isn't much :) I wanna buy this, but I also want guarantee of a Steam key when it comes to that platform. Thank you!

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Here is the best I can do:

 "if Steam keys are free to me as the developer when/if Nox Archaist is released on Steam, I will provide you a steam key at no cost if you purchase the game on"

The main hedge in there is the "when/if" because I have never donea Steam release, so I don't know what I don't know. I've read their FAQ and it looks like a $100 fee and a bunch of work setting stuff up and that doesn't concern me....but you never know when you will find devils in the details.

I appreciate your interest!

Good enough. 

Also, you get that $100 'fee' back from Valve as long as you sell as least $100 worth of your product. Might be worth getting a page sooner than later to get folks wishlisting and for marketing purposes. Just an idea.

Thanks for all the answers!!

You're welcome!