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Thank you. Waiting for steam release.

Hey, the game is very good, but you need to add tutorials for it. It is very hard to manage task for "legs" especially without proper knowledge about which simbol doing what in case of switching the lights.

So you will release this on steam?

There reason is always the same, I'm not an artist and I can't imagine things :P Thank you

Hey, can you show more examples of use?

Still in development?

Will you release this game on steam?

Any chances for the steam release? 

Did you have had more of those?

Any chances for the English version of the game? Also are you working on this?

I like it

Thank you


Good game

very good game

wow, amazing stuff

Great job

Interesting tool. Any chances for the steam version?

When u will make steam version?

Nice package

PC game, those decorations looks very good. Would be great to put them into my tower defense game. 

wow, tell me when?

Nice and simple <3 

Are u allowing to use it in the PC game? And in this case could you upload a PNG without a background?

Dobra robota

How long are separate loops? 

Any preview?

It will be on Steam?

I'm not drawing anymore :( there's no time to learn everything at once. I've choosed programming.

Thank u

When I will buy the game in the bundle, I will get steam key on the release? 

Nice package

Great job

Great job

Thank you

Is there an option that you will add something to this one to make pack ready for making a strategy game from it? Buildings, enemies, player units?

Those parts when the players is walking should be bigger because it's very hard to manipulate now. 

Ten rozwijający się tekst strasznie męczy już po pierwszych dwóch linijkach :/ 

Graficznie wygląda fajnie. 

Dlaczego nie ma dźwięku? 

Great idea