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Any preview?

It will be on Steam?

I'm not drawing anymore :( there's no time to learn everything at once. I've choosed programming.

Thank u

When I will buy the game in the bundle, I will get steam key on the release? 

Nice package

Great job

Great job

Thank you

Is there an option that you will add something to this one to make pack ready for making a strategy game from it? Buildings, enemies, player units?

Those parts when the players is walking should be bigger because it's very hard to manipulate now. 

Ten rozwijający się tekst strasznie męczy już po pierwszych dwóch linijkach :/ 

Graficznie wygląda fajnie. 

Dlaczego nie ma dźwięku? 

Great idea

There will be steam version? 

New enemies + new enviro 

Hey, is there a chance for fullscreen steam release with achievements? And without those black borders...

Is there a chance that you can make it full screen and on Steam with achievements?

Awesome tool, thank you <3

LoZ? What's the full name of the game? 

Any chance to have this code? 

Great job

Will you make more of this? 

This one looks interesting 

Great idea

Sorry to say it but camera in the trailer is making me sick :/ 

Is there any chance you can release a demo of it or video showing the process of simple prototyping? 

No reply on this one :( ? 

Thank you

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Hey, are you taking requests for the game from streamers? 

Great art style

Awhhh, yes :( That's sad.  

Nah, I did it for my game in a week xD There's something else in approval process for apps?

But why now :( ? 

Nice toy

Great job 

I will wait :P 

This is so good. Wow. 

Is there any chance that you will make characters in this style? Something for 2d platformer / metroidvania. Monsters, player and their animation states. 

It would be great to make a game in this style

Looks like solid package. Thank you for this 

I like it. Good art style. Animations will come or it's simple pack without them in mind?