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Thanks! Fixed.

Thanks for your questions! GNU+Linux is not an officially supported platform because I do not have experience with that operating system and cannot offer any assistance if there were issues. However,  there are players who are running Nox Archaist in Apple II emulators on Linux, such as linapple. All players have access to our Discord server and help from the community is likely available. 

Apple ][ hardware is supported (128 of RAM required, IIe, IIc, IIgs). If you purchase either the Windows or MacOS package, both contain and .HDV disk image which can be run on many Apple II harddrive cards such as the CFFA3000, BOOTi and Floppy Emu. We also provide .PO floppy disk images which contain a beta floppy version, which you can transfer to physical floppy disks if that is something you are familiar with doing. 

If you have any other questions just let me know!

You're welcome!

Our testers finished the game on a 1st play through in 60 to 100+ hours. Is that the kind of metric that is helpful to you?

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Here is the best I can do:

 "if Steam keys are free to me as the developer when/if Nox Archaist is released on Steam, I will provide you a steam key at no cost if you purchase the game on"

The main hedge in there is the "when/if" because I have never donea Steam release, so I don't know what I don't know. I've read their FAQ and it looks like a $100 fee and a bunch of work setting stuff up and that doesn't concern me....but you never know when you will find devils in the details.

I appreciate your interest!

Thanks for your interest! I do plan on looking into a Steam release, likely over the next few months. Unfortunately I do not have enough information Steam's business model with developers to know for sure if it would be feasible to retroactively provide Steam keys to orders placed on other platforms. Generally speaking if it didn't cost me anything or much to do that, I would do it.