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I am sure I will, it looks quite relaxing and I am curious how you do with VNs as that is where my personally specialty lies~

Very much so, the time crunch sorta kicks your procrastination in the ass and be like LET'S GET A MOVE ON! But yeah, my otome actually was VERY different if it had went for the jam, but when I actually started writing... many elements changed, and the story and backstories, really only Emmet's character and backstory is the one that had little to no changes in comparison to the others. And it just became a bigger project, but I am happy for it as it is one of my favourite writings so far even though Slice-of-Life is normally not my style (I love SoL stories but I do not consider myself a SoL writer).

Oh wow,. sounds like a neat little trick. You can look it up if you want, but I hope it is not too much trouble!

Look forward to the note, and no worries on the spam, I love comments xD


It's definitely not nearly as complex as your VN that I played, but you'll see I guess!

Definitely, I'd personally like to get better at motivation/self-discipline outside of those pressure situations, though!

That sounds intriguing, changing so many elements of a VN after already starting seems like a lot of work! I still need to figure out how to write more complex stories, the rather few stories I've actually written down so far were rather simple, like KDM or my VN. I like Slice of Life a lot both in anime and manga (and VNs as well), but not many of my own story concepts really fit into that genre either, I think. Maybe I should check out your other upload here, too, but I'm afraid it'll be sad, haha! D: this is the darkness effect, as far as I remember I didn't get it to work properly without "parallel process", but that's a bad way to solve it because it causes a looot of unnecessary computations. It would definitely have to be tweaked a bit so it doesn't cause issues on slower PCs. On entry into brighter rooms like Yuki's I just did "Erase Picture 1" without any conditional branching, since I didn't use that slot for anything else. , , this is the event scripting for the kitchen stool, if there's anything that needs explaining, tell me!

That's good, I love comments, too! Though I can be really slow at responding to them D:

Oddly enough, it wasn't really work to change it as everything was simply a concept in my head and I like to write with a natural flow. So if something changes along the way, I roll with it as sometimes I get an idea and then something has to change for it to implement, I implement. One good thing about VNs is I write directly into the script whilst RPG Maker.... this game is the first time I wrote the script first before doing anything else.

Ah don't worry too much, 30kwh Left does have 1 Good end and 1 Best end if you make the right choices! And it's more omnious than actually scary, so there isn't jumpscares lol. There are unhappy happy ends of course, but that's if you make the wrong choices xD

Cool, I'll take a look at these! And you're not slow, you're surprisingly quite quick to answer IMHO~

Yeah, I think that probably works well in a VN, while RPG Maker is less than ideal in the way you have to input dialogue! I don't want to imagine how much work localizing an RPG Maker game is, since you'd normally want a text dump that you can directly translate and feed back into the engine I think...

Alright, I might check it out in that case!

I hope they'll be useful to you, and I'm trying to reply to you quickly but on dA I have a log of unreplied comments that go back quite a way. D: