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I want to ask what kinks are here?

So far it has a couple forms of rope play, bondage, leather (technically), watersports, breeding (Roushk and troll when you submit in the fight against them when they are sufficiently teased, plus the tar beings cause all they do is lay eggs in you which counts are breeding), calling some people daddy, prostitution (cause Harold hires you to have sex with people), name calling (slut and other such things), slit fucking, tentacles (brief with a certain person and the swamp creature), corruption, large bottom characters (corrupted logan and Everett), exhibitionism, public sex, rough face fucking, rough sex in general, mind control (love potions count in a way), transformation because of the werewolves, glory hole with ste(?), Sauna sex, massage sex, gang bang and a lot more in blanking on atm.

With the prostitution thing you can also pay Harold for sex if that's your thing. Doing it with the love potion brings up a very hot scene (I recommend you give him the potion and then keep refusing to have sex).

does something happen if you refuse?


I did it, I finally understand.