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"Fairly well made parody" haha, I take that as a compliment, though I was kinda going for really bad it is somewhat parody-ish too.

 How did it lock up and where? I might know a way around it (I tested it and everything was fine on my end, but later I did find 1 event that if you approach and Enter from the left, it'll lock up--so you have to go from behind or on the right side of the person... I forgot to set it to skip if cannot move haha...if it is somewhere else, then I'll look into it). 

In the bakery, when trying to grab the bread.

Huh that is weird, which bread were you taking? The two breads on top I believe I evented to just have dialogue whilst the one below is the stealing scene. I'll definitely look into it. I'd just steal the bread next to the cake, or you can actually buy it from the lady and leave the tent to progress.

I almost finished the game, but got stopped by another bugged event in the Inn with Jackass.

At the inn or the pub inn? If you mean at the end where you play Jackass, I am assuming you mean where you approach the white haired girl at the buckets lol. Do not approach her from the left, as I forgot to put "skip if cannot move" as her hitting him makes him step 2 steps back, but from the left he can't move that far lol. But yeah, whether you talk to everyone or not, once you exit the pub, you get the final cutscene before the end credits.