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We've all been waiting for it, and here it has finally arrived: the third chapter of what becomes a great episodic game born of gamejams. Francium 3 takes the characters of the first two opus, the engine of the second, and adds a lot of new elements. New characters, new cameras, new dialogue system, ... Little by little, Simon (The Icehouse) explores new possibilities offered by Unity, and enriches his new universe made up of robots seeking their place in a world where the last human is their creator. Cute, colorful, fun, this game is just like the previous episodes: a breath of fresh air that feels good. Positive entertainment, smoothly, without stress, but which retains a certain challenge as one can expect and hope from adventure games. To be enjoyed without moderation.

What can I say after such a detailed and lovely comment? Thank you Yaz!!! I can just say: please wait for a new chapter someday :) I hope to continue to learn and improve.