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Is a public GitHub repo required for this jam? What if there are certain assets that we do not want or cannot share? I.E. Paid content or assets that we would rather keep private. This is piggybacking off of @Xerxes and @aperezg replies to an earlier question. 

I'm not staff, but from the instructions on the jam page:

> Create a new public GitHub repository to store the source code and any assets you’re able to share for your entry 

So yes a public github repository is required, but it doesn't need to include any assets you're not able to share. So any paid content or assets you can't redistribute in source form (or that are just too large for the VCS) can be omitted from the public repo.

Hi - yes, a public repository is required. If there are any assets you don't have the rights to share, just omit them. Bonus points if you make a note of any omissions / dependencies in the project README and/or provide placeholder assets :)