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In trying to complete the game, I almost fell asleep. With excellent technical performance (for a prototype), the game is absolutely not frightening. This is due to two factors: no alternative control from the gamepad - instead of a comfortable immersion in the atmosphere, I struggled with control and constant getting stuck in objects. And the second - "terrible" darkness, the flashlight works at random, and the environment is completely dark.

As a verdict - a good start, not without problems. I will follow the development of the project.

Thx for game and good luck with future games ((=

Hello Watashko !
Thank you for playing the game and your comment, and I'm sorry you were not entertained.

We decided to focus on gamepad controls because it has more feedbacks possible (with vibration) and allow to use the joystick axis to make slower steps. Due to our game being based on the sound you make, slower steps means less noise. Keyboard controls only exists for testing and debugging purposes.

I don't know what you mean by "random". We placed some triggers to make it flicker sometimes, is that what you are talking about ? Or are you talking about it being useless most of the time ?

Sadly, this project will stay this way, being a student project and having parted ways with our old schoolmates.