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Awesome game! ((=

Thx for good game ((=

Thx for game, looks very good for the first experience. Everything fits very well and finished.

Nice game, thx ((=

In trying to complete the game, I almost fell asleep. With excellent technical performance (for a prototype), the game is absolutely not frightening. This is due to two factors: no alternative control from the gamepad - instead of a comfortable immersion in the atmosphere, I struggled with control and constant getting stuck in objects. And the second - "terrible" darkness, the flashlight works at random, and the environment is completely dark.

As a verdict - a good start, not without problems. I will follow the development of the project.

Thx for game and good luck with future games ((=

Hi, thanks for game ((=

Hi, game is little broken. Last run is impposible, but i did it ((=