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In the beta version on Windows x64 I get crash if I press "Enter exact figure" button

Error log - https://transfer.sh/7Zm1E/hs_e...

However this doesn't happen if I run beta version .jar file with Java 8 installed on my system

Very interesting, so simply pressing it crashes the whole thing?

Does this not happen on the current stable version?

There's no "Enter exact figure" button in stable windows release :)

Ah, wait, there is, but it crashes too (even on stable)...

Ah ok thanks for the report, probably not much I can do about that, it's a libgdx support function, shouldn't really be crashing at all, and works on my machines at least ... Anyone else see this?

You wouln't believe what caused it :)
It is Riva Tuner Statistics Server, an OSD for viewing FPS, GPU and CPU load, temperatures etc...
Setting "Application detection level" to "None" fixes this crash!

Wow, nice detective work :) This is why I never want to make a really popular game, this is the type of stuff I'd expected to be able to provide fast support for ;)