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Really enjoyed what I played, will be interested to see what kind of collectibles you have to find in the level and ways to force you to take different paths to get to the end, super critical also but I found Coria's animation a bit awkward sometimes and also the colour palette looks a bit washed out, but not sure whether that is due to BGB, all in all its got so much potential and looking forward to playing some more! Massive respect to you guys for coding this in assembly too!! 

Thank you for your kind words! The most important items to find are permanent upgrades. The Whip-weapon is one of those. I can be used to stun enemies, but you will also be able to swing at certain points. Other upgrades might include an item allowing you to dive or a way of attacking/interacting from a distance.

The colors are really due to BGB - the emulator is trying to closely emulate that typical, slightly washed-out look of Game Boy Color Games. And many thanks from our programmer for your compliment!

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To turn off the Emulated LCD colors in BGB that look washed out:

-> Right click on the emulator screen -> Options -> Graphics
-> GBC LCD Colors -> Uncheck "Enable"

The art and overall feel look really good. It all fits well and has a great tone. Music sounds good too.

My only suggestion at the moment is a personal preference- having the Coria's movement freeze while slashing on the ground makes the movement feel a little stiff instead of smooth, it would be nice if movement was still possible when doing that (as it is when slashing in the air). I also understand it's usually a deliberate design choice with reasons for it. :)

(for the programmer) By the way, BGB is reporting an Uninitialized WRAM access exception on startup. You can turn the exceptions on in the Exceptions Tab of the Options panel. It's a good way to catch potential bugs.

Hi! (programmer here :D) Thanks for the heads up, We do two deliberate Uninitialized WRAM reads. One to initialize our RNG (to enhance the randomness) and one to determine the GameBoy Type. But it seems there is more uninitialized Memory in the Intro. I'll look into it :)