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Thank you! We´re glad you´re enjoying it. We´re working hard to ensure the final product will be even better!

We hope to release next year, but due to many unknown factors (like the development of the corona-virus), it´s hard to say. The digital download will be very affordable. For the physical cartridge, we´ll probably stick to the normale Game-Boy pricing-structure of the early 90s.

Thank you! We'll make sure to let our artists know!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much! We're still hard at work and comments like yours really boost the team-morale even further. We will certainly release another, bigger demo before launch, so please look forward to that!

Thank you very much! Well, our composer Sebastian is planning to do arranged versions of the music. About MSU1, we'll have to see. First of all, we need to finish the game proper. But it certainly is an intriguing thought!

Thank you for your kind words! The most important items to find are permanent upgrades. The Whip-weapon is one of those. I can be used to stun enemies, but you will also be able to swing at certain points. Other upgrades might include an item allowing you to dive or a way of attacking/interacting from a distance.

The colors are really due to BGB - the emulator is trying to closely emulate that typical, slightly washed-out look of Game Boy Color Games. And many thanks from our programmer for your compliment!