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Really enjoyed what I played, will be interested to see what kind of collectibles you have to find in the level and ways to force you to take different paths to get to the end, super critical also but I found Coria's animation a bit awkward sometimes and also the colour palette looks a bit washed out, but not sure whether that is due to BGB, all in all its got so much potential and looking forward to playing some more! Massive respect to you guys for coding this in assembly too!! 

Hey, hope you're well, just wanted to let you know I found a way to improve the inventory system, have posted a new demo so you can try it out

Thanks for the feedback, the bug mentioned below by andrew was resolved a while ago, this is a pretty early demo so there are a few bugs present. all of the instances where a turn is wasted in battle are also now resolved, so you dont lose a turn when doing those things. regarding item usage, due to the limitations of gb studio and actor limits this was the most practical way of doing it, due to the fact that you can't draw numbers to backgrounds. this also applies to hp, we have used the maximum actor limit for the battles so can't include numbered hp unfortunately, however you will get used to how much health each potion gives you, regarding recovering, there is an inn in every town and there are more than enough potions available in the houses before you go in to town, to get you through the first battles, will also make a note of the grammatical errors, thanks again.

Thanks for the heads up Andrew, this bug was resolved a while ago, if you want to progress in the demo please avoid the dock area 

Thanks!! Hope you Enjoy!!