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Thank you very much for the comment.

Are you referring to the throwing mechanic? I also want to do some improvements on that. Mainly the item's trajectory should intersect the sight area of an enemy. But I am aware that UI needs to be clearer since I found out a lot of the players are throwing items at the edge of the circle but still inside it, rather than passing the circle and targeting somewhere outside (:

If you have any other comments I would love to hear them. I really want to make this game solid and enjoyable.


I mean throwing 100% needs improvement, I need to see when I'm out of range and not by disapearing indicator. Movement could be more fluent. I think bullies have to big range and sometimes even if you throw candy they still block the way. Maybe they shoul decrease their range while they are eating candy?

That's actually a very good idea. I can work on this. While distracted, their circles will shrink!