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Thank you very much for the great review. You played all the way through to the last mechanic, which is the ghost lantern (: After that, the levels are puzzles of increasing difficulty. Thanks for playing. 

I want players to throw things not directly inside the red circles but throw them "through", but to an area outside the circle. This way, the kids will go much further, leaving you a lot of space. But I guess I haven't found the perfect solution yet. I'll keep working on that.

I also learned something very valuable by watching it. Never tested how the game played with the audio off. I'll definetely try that from now on too.

I'm glad the review helped out! One thing I should mention, is if you try to make this game a sellable product (which I believe you could do) you should watch out for trademarked/copyrighted items like the music and costumes you used. Spider man, minnie mouse cosutmes, ghostbusters music. That could potentially led to some legal issues!


Yes I will now look into that. It's free now so I think that's fair use but if I get to publish the game commercially, I also think it needs some tuning. Another game from the jam cleverly modelled a restaurant called "Up Way" (: Loved it