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Hi! I'll be playing Franken-Ghost tomorrow on stream along with several others games from the jam at 3:30pm EST. I'll be talking about any interesting design decisions as I play, and suggesting improvements if any come to mind. Please feel free to join me live, it'll be extra fun to chat together about your game while playing it :)


some of the dev team will be joining you!

Here's the segment where I played your game! You'll have to let me know how to drop items since down didn't seem to be working, and I'm eager to see the rest of the levels. As I mentioned in the stream, I think your level design was set up nicely to encourage players to use the ghost mode, you did great for avoiding player frustration there. I'm not sure what to suggest as improvements, the game is already a polished experience! Very well done, and an original take on the theme, too :)

You need to press z while holding down to drop it :)

Wow ok I finished the game, I love it! I'm impressed by how many levels you guys made, it felt like a complete experience already