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Thanks for the quick and thorough feedback :)

More like Mech-avaliers - its an awful joke, but my favourite name for a mech lance/company... 

A little halloween typo for you there... thanks for the offer, I should be fine though. the main problem is that Twine doesn't have a spell checker so I'm just going to do a couple of passes at it tomorrow :)

yeah, I'll put the hard sell on with Grosz... I don't want people throwing away their first playthrough, and highlight that it would be a Big Thing for the PC to do that, but at the same time something very tempting you know?

Good point about Bolter last time round, that was one of the last things I wrote so least polished.

I think 3/4 playthroughs is good, when you call bolter she always tells you the "best" thing to buy, so after 3 times you'll have heard all of them + the renegade ending. 

Thanks again for reading it and for all the feedback - im glad it all "works" in concept at least and, thanks for playing it through so many times. Hopefully you had fun with it too ☺