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You can purchase the game again from the game’s page to get a gift-able copy. You can find a “Give this game as a gift” checkbox on the dialog that appears immediately after you click the Buy button.

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This did NOT work for me.  No where on the "purchase" page for Mindustry were any options to send/gift it to someone else.

Now I simply have a notice at the top of the Mindustry page that I have purchased the game twice, and no way to gift it to anyone else.


It sounds like you missed the checkbox that appears on the dialog where you select your price and how you’re going to pay. Support can convert one of your purchases to a gift though,

Hi leafo!

The problem is that the gift checkbox option is there in the "Buy Now" dialogue box for games, but does not exist in the "Download Now" dialogue box for games.

An example would be Kentucky Route Zero which I already have in my library.  If I click on the "Buy Now" button for that game, I see the gift checkbox option near the payment type.  For Mindustry's "Download Now" button, however, there is no gift checkbox there.

Thanks for the help!


Ah, thanks for clarification. It sounds like for free games we currently don’t show the gift option.

Thanks for the reply!  Perhaps that's an option that will come in the future.