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I'm using a lot, but here are the ones I tested

I'm getting this error:

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Hello! I checked and I didn't find any issue with the ones i've tried in your list so far, I think you might be using the bundled RMMV setting configuration which is not supported in the RMMZ VisuStella dragonbones union plugin, which is why you are not being able to load them up, for RMMZ you will have to readjust the suggested settings zipped with these to fit into the VisuStella Dragonbones union plugin format ! in all cases the only thing which carries over from the bundled RMMV settings is the file name to use to setup the battler,  e.g 'LivingArmor' , and also the Motion names , e.g 'Attack A' , aside from that both the battlers and the action sequences are configured very differently in RMMZ

Hope that helps!

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Maybe this could be a solution! Just one more question, i'm using the configuration like this: 

<DragonBone Settings>

Battler: SlimeCaster

Scalex: 1.0

Scaley: 1.0

Ani Wait: Idle

Ani Walk: Idle

Ani Attack: Attack

Ani Swing: Attack

Ani Thrust: Attack

Ani Missile: Attack

Ani Skill: Cast

Ani Chant: Cast

Ani Spell: Attack

Ani Item: Cast

Ani Guard: Idle

Ani Evade: Idle

Ani Damage: Idle

Ani Abnormal: Idle

Ani Sleep: Idle

Ani Dying: Idle

Ani Dead: Dead

Ani Victory: Idle

Ani Escape: Idle

Replace Sprite

</DragonBone Settings>

is this wrong? if you have some example, I'll be thankful!

That is the RMMV configuration setting! for RMMZ you will have to follow the configuration established by the plugin and found over at

The only things which carry over are the Battler File Name and the Available motion pool, which is usually Attack A, Attack B, Attack C, etc!

Now it worked! My hero! The RPG Maker MZ project I was working on is no longer working with DragonBones, but when I created and configured it that way, it worked! Thank you!