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this is correct!


To answer your questions

1.Yes! Librarium assets are not restricted to any specific engine, game or medium!

2.Nope, but I use and suggest checking out for VFX needs!

Let me know if you have more questions :)

hello! I am not Chinese, but I can still answer your question!

what's the issue you are having?

more coming soon!

thank you!

Thank you! Hoping to add more to the Pixbattlers line soon!


Yes you can use Librarium assets for a shootin game,

however for your second questionI would kindly ask you not to reupload and repost the ultra bundle to other websites, and link to this page instead :) 

No they are different! :) I'd bundle this in as a bonus if someone bought all those though! haha

Thanks for the support!


Unfortunately in these case the animations are primarily oriented for battle, all rigs offer: 

  • Idle
  • A variable amount of attack motions, in most cases at least 3, sometimes even up to 9
  • Taking Damage

Hope that answers your question!

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Ah nope!

Those would be the Librarium Batch Libraries available over here:

They are essentially double the size of the ultra pack nowadays!


All Librarium releases and assets are allowed for comemrcial usage, you can find the ToU in depth over here:

You can contact me through twitter!

Very nice Valhall! Congratulations!

I will check it out!

yes they will! I'm actually uploading everything here on itch at the same time they get created, also if you previously already supported a set in particular between the catchup period and it has already been created let me know and I will send it or them your way! This period covers between July 2021 to May 2022, right now the catchup effort has wrapped up the June, May and April 2021 update cycles!

yes they can!
Librarium assets are not tied to any engine in particular as they are either png format, assembled png sheets or .json exports !

Collection bag as in new battlers? :o

Thank you Cris!

Hope The new wave of Librarium assets inspire new game dev activity for you!


its actually very nice! I like this type of games :)

I also apologize for the late reply!

All should work!

nice clickker!

Commissionable as in usable? BEcause if so, the answer is yes!

Either would be okay!

Glad to have helped out in that process!

Let us know when you complete it!


Hey Sp00nman! Librarium has a suggestion system over at patreon where you can list out a suggestion like this, even at the lowest pledge tier, $1 per update cycle, you can make monster suggestions!

Thanks for the support and interest! I am currently pumping out all the  content from previous months along the new stuff so definitely stay tuned!

Much appreciated, thank you! Best of luck!


excellent work!

Thank you!

Yes you can!

This also applies to battlers which have been released over at patreon!

Hello Kosmin!

You can use Librarium assets for any target platform, or develop in any engine of your choice!

Thanks for your interest and support!


Currently they only exist as part of Librarium Patreon reward sets!

Hello MadTeaPartyStudio!

You can freely adapt these to whatever format suits your gamedev needs!

Librarium assets aren't tied to any specific engine or format so  go for it!

Thanks for your kind words and support ZeroStatic!

Glad to hear you find Librarium assets useful!

Let me answer your questions!

The reason why the 2017 compilation pack is priced lower and begins with July 2017 is because that was the start date of the current reward set format (Before July 2017 reward sets were very different in terms on content, and they kept gradually evolving to the content we have nowadays!)  They are also not currently available anywhere as they would have very few content in comparison to the current content standards, but your comment gives me the idea of creating a Reward set legacy pack, packaging everything from Librarium's first year and early 2017 so that those are accessible again!

I am also in the process of cleaning up those uploads so that they are more navigational, I have just been through a lot of draining events lately which have prevented me from tackling that smoothly, but it will definitely happen!

Thanks for your interest and reaching out, let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks to your support Librarium keeps evolving to offer more and more!

Thank you!

Hello Shadow!

Thanks for your interest!

You are permitted to use them with commercial purposes so long as credit behind the monsters is given out, either on the video where they are featured or the video description where they are featured!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

There are several humanoid characters available nowadays!

However items don't exist in battler format, however this does give me the idea to draw some weapons and items at some point!