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Hello! You mean the VisuMZ plugin or the software itself?

haha thank you for finding and picking this one up! I had to pause my journey in the gamedev front to focus on asset making, but it is not a path I dont ever plan to return to also work on eventually! There are no other game projects such as this one coming from me at the moment :)

Thank you! I see your work over at twitter being shared on a regular basis and I really like your spritework on it! 

oh, of course! I'm familiar with your project, very cool stuff! and dang haha I see! It certainly has been quite the journey! The monster designs these days are the direct evolution from all that early stuff, only possible thanks to the support and patience of many who believe in the project :) Happy to hear you found them appealing back then! Time sure flies

Thank you Yanako!

I'm a fan of your work and contributions to the community! As the flow of monsters is dictated by our community over at patreon there are no immediate plans for monster catcher sets yet, but I never say never! I'm certainly interested in exploring more Librarium asset lines once the current bulk of work has been cleared :)

Hello  Johnny!

This is the UI used for the previews!

they are PNG Images so they will work in any engien which allows this format!

Hello! Yes an update is quite overdue but definitely planned for these battler line, I'll take into consideratrion this feedback, thank you!


Can you specify a bit on what you mean it doesn't move like the rest? Lets look into this!

the use of Librarium assests is allowed in card games, just gotta follow the crediting schemes outlined over at :)

Hello Michael!
If they're missing I'll add them shortly, apologies for the incovenience, and thanks for the report!

Hello funclub! Thanks for the feedback regarding your experience, Im currently int heprocess of improving this part of Libraroum precisely so I'll be sure to take it into account! I the meantime I want to say thank you for your support and patience, and feel free to reach out with specific questions at any point :)

Librarium assets are allowed for commercial usage!

I suggest you check out their specific terms of use here:

Terms of use – Ækashics Librarium (

Haha it would be a sight to beold! 

Though I would probably ask if they actually meant to purchase like that or if it was a mistkae o_o;;

Thanks for yoru kind words and support animus!

I has been viable thanks to devs like you :)

I hope future librarium assets will inspire you!

there are more coming for sure!

These are not in skeletal animation format :)


Unfortunately not, that one is available up in my patreon though!

Yes, the common Drake has the walking map sprite frame animations included :o 

You mean the plugin, or the dragonbones animation assets for this battler? :o

The plugin itself is not included with these releases, though it is available for patrons, or you can acquire separately in this link:

Hello! The default format for his 4-direction walking map sprite is for RPG Maker MZ/MV, he can be easily fitted into any format as the walking frames are in the sheet, hope that helps!

Hello CMD!

apologies I didn't get a notification for this reply, you can grab the 2017-2019 compilations over here at! 2020 onwards resides and is on patreon!

commercial usage is allowed!

you can find the ToU in detail over at for the specifics! :D


It definitely will!

You can use it for the icon! you can find a more detailed breakdown of the Terms of use over at, or find evven more assets over at patreon even at the $1 slime tier!

Thanks for your  kind words!

as long as credit is given, certainly

this is correct!


To answer your questions

1.Yes! Librarium assets are not restricted to any specific engine, game or medium!

2.Nope, but I use and suggest checking out for VFX needs!

Let me know if you have more questions :)

hello! I am not Chinese, but I can still answer your question!

what's the issue you are having?

more coming soon!

thank you!

Thank you! Hoping to add more to the Pixbattlers line soon!


Yes you can use Librarium assets for a shootin game,

however for your second questionI would kindly ask you not to reupload and repost the ultra bundle to other websites, and link to this page instead :) 

No they are different! :) I'd bundle this in as a bonus if someone bought all those though! haha

Thanks for the support!


Unfortunately in these case the animations are primarily oriented for battle, all rigs offer: 

  • Idle
  • A variable amount of attack motions, in most cases at least 3, sometimes even up to 9
  • Taking Damage

Hope that answers your question!

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Ah nope!

Those would be the Librarium Batch Libraries available over here:

They are essentially double the size of the ultra pack nowadays!


All Librarium releases and assets are allowed for comemrcial usage, you can find the ToU in depth over here:

You can contact me through twitter!

Very nice Valhall! Congratulations!

I will check it out!

yes they will! I'm actually uploading everything here on itch at the same time they get created, also if you previously already supported a set in particular between the catchup period and it has already been created let me know and I will send it or them your way! This period covers between July 2021 to May 2022, right now the catchup effort has wrapped up the June, May and April 2021 update cycles!

yes they can!
Librarium assets are not tied to any engine in particular as they are either png format, assembled png sheets or .json exports !