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Not a silly question, but the answer is yes, any engine! 

love2d, Godot, Unreal, Unity, etc!

Glad to hear that! thanks for your interest in Librarium assets!

Thank you very much for your support! would it be possible to share with me an email I can send you the broken down files for easier mangament?

hello, I didnt get a notif for this comment! Early access Battlers have a varying release date for their full releases, but the battlers themselves  are already available in this early access format, though it is a patreon perk!

I'll make it a point to have them spread out like that this weekend then! can you list for me the releases in which you require this again, so I can have the most up to date list in one spot? :o thanks!

Glad you like them!

Hello Soul! apologies for the late reply, I notice this is a consistent issue, just to get t right, you would like to have the heavier files available separately , or is there a speed cap limit to work around with file sizes?

Hello Soul Catapult! Thanks for your support interest and kind words! Please look forward to more :)

Hello! This pack does not include spine files :)

Hello Synrec! Yeah totally, I actually export these in those huge dimensions so that users can have that rescale flexibility 

No problem! Thanks for your interest in Librarium Materials!

Alright, The PNG Exports in the source animation folder now share the same size, please download again to get the latest version which reflects this fix!

oh, would all of the PNG exports being constrained a set dimension canvas (say 1500,1500 help?

Hello! can you please ellaborate on the issue so I can tackle it an upload a new version? Thank you!

The Sideview folder has been updated with those missing flipped battlers!

That is correct!

Welcome back! Of course I remember you :D

To answer your question, unfortunately no,  techncially that's already an option for patrons as you get to access and claim all the post 2021 patreon content upon joining, though the link claiming is a manual procedure

Just checked for those specifically and  you are right! They are missing in the Side folder, but they can be found in the PSD and front folder, something might have canceled the upload to that specific folder ,I'll add them tonight, but in the meantime you can find the full source PSD and Front flip already up, thanks for the heads up!

It has been updated with All the March 2024 battler designs, following this list:

  • Animated Egyptian Goddess Bastet by ShineyBlueDragon
  • Animated Polluted Water Elemental by PCyberspace
  • Statics Elemental Panthers by ShineyBlueDragon
  • Statics Sentient Iron Maiden Suits by DecayingDev
  • Animated Shuten Doji by Steve Fox
  • Animated Baron Ozma, the Meteor Slayer by KrimsonKatt
  • Statics Norse Gods by KrimsonKatt
  • Statics "Wiley Catfolk" by Sarah R.

You can see Norse gods and shuten doji in the follow up entry post and wiley cat folks wered added just now!

Haha it was definitely a rendering challenge! Glad it is a fun result :)

well they are PNGs, so I think they would have to be addapted according to what the dev wants to get out of them in their project experience :o

definitely more in the works! :D Thanks for your support!
Apolonia and Stan are free!

Hello! The 4dir map sprites are launched in  full releases which  have a set quota of them per month,  but lately im trying to balance this target quota number  with the level of illustration and pixel art quality displayed in the latest works and the time it requires to produce them!

I know it feels slow but I can assure you 4dirs are not forgotten and are still a core for Librarium!

hello GameHouse! More entries are planned, outside conditions stalled them a bit, but they will definitely return at some point!

Hello! unfortunately that kind of use scenario breaks the existing ToU which can be found here ( so please don't do it :) 

that is fine! Most uses are as long as they are for the needs of your project/game and the outputs not individually redistributed as new asset packs :)


Hello! As you imagined,  the remaining sins on that series were requested at a later date so they didnt make it into this megapack , they are indeed in the Patreon batch Libraries though!

Hi Mortem! Glad to hear that! To answer your question, yes they will, though at a much later date! :)

Ah, for those I create assets under the pixbattler line of assets, but I might make an adventurer party at a later point! :D

Ill take this in mind for future expansions for this set! Perhaps more knights?


All illustration work is done in photoshop, animation work is done in Spine2D !

They are indeed designed to be used primarily in JRPG Games :)

Thanks Malandy! I wanted this slime to have creepy vibes while retaining some simplicity! :D

Thanks for your support and interest! :D

Hello! Thank you! Updates are planned, but they have taken a backseat rececntly while I was focused in other Librarium content, I do plan for them to resume around march, the last update was documented in the dev log was on August 2023!

If you have more questions let me know!

she is part of this asset line: !

Hope you will find Librarium assets useful! :D

Hello Baby Seal, powering projects like yours is what Librarium is here for, thanks for your support and godspeed in your gamedev journey!

Hello Gordo!

Early access isn't exactly a pack you buy, instead it is a pack you claim access to by joining us on patreon!

You can claim the early access upload  in the following link:

It is available at the lowest pledge tier($2 per month) but there are many other packs to be claimed and accessed to in our Dragon Tier!