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Hello Kosmin!

You can use Librarium assets for any target platform, or develop in any engine of your choice!

Thanks for your interest and support!


Currently they only exist as part of Librarium Patreon reward sets!

Hello MadTeaPartyStudio!

You can freely adapt these to whatever format suits your gamedev needs!

Librarium assets aren't tied to any specific engine or format so  go for it!

Thanks for your kind words and support ZeroStatic!

Glad to hear you find Librarium assets useful!

Let me answer your questions!

The reason why the 2017 compilation pack is priced lower and begins with July 2017 is because that was the start date of the current reward set format (Before July 2017 reward sets were very different in terms on content, and they kept gradually evolving to the content we have nowadays!)  They are also not currently available anywhere as they would have very few content in comparison to the current content standards, but your comment gives me the idea of creating a Reward set legacy pack, packaging everything from Librarium's first year and early 2017 so that those are accessible again!

I am also in the process of cleaning up those uploads so that they are more navigational, I have just been through a lot of draining events lately which have prevented me from tackling that smoothly, but it will definitely happen!

Thanks for your interest and reaching out, let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks to your support Librarium keeps evolving to offer more and more!

Thank you!

Hello Shadow!

Thanks for your interest!

You are permitted to use them with commercial purposes so long as credit behind the monsters is given out, either on the video where they are featured or the video description where they are featured!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

There are several humanoid characters available nowadays!

However items don't exist in battler format, however this does give me the idea to draw some weapons and items at some point!

Hello over here Meta!

To answer your question, the release roster is decided through community polls on a monthly basis, results are usually decided by the 15th of the month, each month!


You might have to adapt these assets dimension wise to fit the screen size of your projects according to the engine you are using!

Hello IwoMalki!

You can!You can find Librarium's terms of use in detail here:

Hello Excaleben!

So long as credits are given out, you can!

Hello again MasterTenchi!

There was a delay in patreon notifications reaching my email, apologies! I have already reached out to you over there!

PSD files are available as part of reward sets for featured releases during specific periods, the reply I sent you over patreon breaks down better how rewards are delivered and accessed!

There is no Librarium Discord server, Patreon lists the feature but it only works for patreon campaigns that actually incorporate a server, I am not sure why it appears on my page as it seems as a setting I can't hide/unhide myself, at least based on my own attempts that was the case orz

Hello MasterTenchi!

The Ultrapack was released during the MV era so many  settings are legacy from that initial release (And the sample files available back then)

In MZ you need to create your own action sequences with the framework the visustella plugins established for it, but what matters in order to be able to do this are the Motion names, which are visible under the settings file for each release, for example :

Attack A

Attack B

Attack C

Let me know if you have more questions!

Hello Sham!

It does not come with them, but with the inclusion of the pixbattler asset series It is within my plans to upgrade these products with them!

Ah no worries!

you mean the Dragon Tier is PSD? not  animation?

The Dragon Tier contains the PSDs for the Librarium Animated featured battlers & their animation source files

I see there are spine and dragon bone source files in Dragon Tier in your snapshot,are these source files full resolution? or pixels?

The 4-dir pixel art sprites are a separate reward from the animation source files pertaining to Librarium Animated releases!

All reward sets contain the full resolution for the listed battlers, under their respective folders!

Under the Dragon Tier the full resolution file is listed as Cut Up Full resolution PSD!

Best wishes for your upcoming project!

Hope you continue to find Librarium Materials useful!

Hello Wangfeihukimi!

Thanks for your kind words and interest!

Please look forward to future Librarium releases ! :D

Thank you very much for your kind words!

And welcome aboard! :D

Its a long term plan, but I do plan to animate more out of the static bunch eventually!

I don't have the exact number at hand but it should feature around 168 statics and  48 animated!


it includes the source files for all featured dragonbones releases!

Hello Lost Wisdom, thanks for your kind words!

Right now the idea has not been suggested by our community!

Typically suggestions for  new are made over at Librarium's suggestion box

coincidentally however I have a statics megapack projected to be completed by January 2021 and Phoenix ashes is among the battlers that will be included there, as we have several fire bird and phoenix releases in Librarium!

Thanks for your support!

Hello Zerobeat!

Thanks for reaching out! I don't see any problem as It does fall under edits, with the rest of Librarium terms of use applying to that output (Such as no redistribution outside of your game of edited assets, etc)

Have fun!


Unfortunately I don't have one right out of the box, but it is something ill consider adding eventually, thanks for the suggestion!

As with all Librarium assets, they are not restricted to RPG Maker usage, you can use them in your engine of choice!

Thank you!

Happy to hear that, please stay tuned! :D

That is the RMMV configuration setting! for RMMZ you will have to follow the configuration established by the plugin and found over at

The only things which carry over are the Battler File Name and the Available motion pool, which is usually Attack A, Attack B, Attack C, etc!

(1 edit)

Hello! I checked and I didn't find any issue with the ones i've tried in your list so far, I think you might be using the bundled RMMV setting configuration which is not supported in the RMMZ VisuStella dragonbones union plugin, which is why you are not being able to load them up, for RMMZ you will have to readjust the suggested settings zipped with these to fit into the VisuStella Dragonbones union plugin format ! in all cases the only thing which carries over from the bundled RMMV settings is the file name to use to setup the battler,  e.g 'LivingArmor' , and also the Motion names , e.g 'Attack A' , aside from that both the battlers and the action sequences are configured very differently in RMMZ

Hope that helps!

The master list is pinned in Librarium's patreon front page, and essentially links with access to the batch libraries link above ! :D

Just list out the names of the battlers you have tried so far here!

(1 edit)

Hello Snarkyfork!

They were released sometime after January 2019, thus they are part of the Patreon backer batch libraries including the most up to date releases as well as all the releases after January 2019!

$1 pledge tier patrons get access to all previous and current animated & static base releases! 

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Im actually going over the process of checking some reported animated battlers, I will be fixing issues with the Virgel and Wukong battler this week, and I will be checking other battlers gradually!

They are in the pipeline of work!

However they won't be tackled too soon, given various backgroudn tasks still needing completion! Please stay tuned :D

It should!

battler graphics would need to be redimensioned , but the map sprites are different, if I recall correctly, MV and MZ use a bigger size!

It should!

The SV Sheet ! :D

Glad to hear that Cris! Thanks for your support! :D

Hello, thank you!
Merely stylistic choices to showcase an example!