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Super valuable feedback! Next time I will spent more time on polishing those aspects,  with this release the full game is still in development, so your input definitely helps! Though it is still a rough demo, I will keep working on it until it is a completed, nearly bug free and revamped experience before the full release, and its inherent full build demo!

Thanks for the comprehensive report once again Silenity! I think what happed is the fact that certain objects close to walls had the special pass condition, which when placed close to ceilings and walls, allowed the player to walk into them. It certainly helps to see exactly where that happens, so we are grateful for that!

And I see! Exciting to hear! Trying out different effects always helps! :D

Thanks for the feedback Boos!

Glad to hear you found the demo enjoyable!

Moving forward we will look into the bugs you pointed out and overall its great to hear KemonoQ is moving in a pleasing direction! :D

Thanks for the comprehensive review, feedback and bughunt Silenity! We will be taking your suggestions into account for future system and flow tweaks, also thanks for listing ways to reproduce the bugs, certainly helps a lot.

Glad to hear you found the experience fun despite of the bugs! thanks again for giving the demo a go!

The final release will feature tweaked and new effects as well!

Glad to hear that! Thanks for trying out our demo!

Thanks for taking the time to play through this demo and write such a comprehensive reply!
Glad to hear the concept remains a promising idea and you can be certain we will be taking the new quality of life suggestions and feedback into account going back and fixing the demo, as well as implementing the new content!

Hi Wurmhole!

Thanks for your support! The answer is yes, you can!


Yup you can use these assets, as well as all Librarium releases in any game engine!

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Sideview sprites are not part of this series, as it was designed for front view combat!

Regarding tilesets they are acurrently only available as a bonus to the minotaur and dragon tier patreon rewards, being a bonus, the tilesets are not updated as periodically, but they do get revamps and new objects rather often, for reference, this is one of the tilesets currently available, the forest temple exterior tileset : . The current tilesets in the Librarium tileset bonus reward are the forest exterior temple, Evil castle inside, Sci-Fi cave, Forest temple interior and propeller Airship Inside and outside, which also comes with charsets for the propellers!

That said, the KemonoSD packs are designed to mesh with the standard RPG Maker MV graphics!