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Lovely idea and implementation. Two thoughts for improving further.

1.  Allow additionally for SPACE BAR and/or LEFT-CLICK (perhaps an enlarged area bottom left where it says FLAME ON / OFF), to control the flame. Those will work with the majority of assistive technology for switch users. it would also help eye-gaze users too.

2. The Windows download doesn't seem to have a full-screen option. It would be good to allow the user to toggle between windowed/full-screen via an on-screen option at the menu screen perhaps.


Thank you for the feedback! I've added SPACE and left click (anywhere, except time control). I've also changed the window settings to allow full screen.

I've toyed with the concept in my head for a while and enjoyed creating this vertical slice that I'd like to develop further. Thank you for hosting the Jam!


Brilliant. I really like the purity, and mellow nature of it.

You may find Jet Stream Trader of interest: