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After a very long days and weeks, The game is finally finished. As I ever mentioned before, the game itself is based on my old game, Runny Square, but its difficulty is less nasty compared from the old one. I also use my modified tool "Runny Kit" to develop the game faster.
The game can be played here:

Gameplay is simple, just click or press space to change direction. Gain point as much as you can by touching the laser.

Looking forward to play other participant's game when the vote session has begun. In my times, it means I have to play them tomorrow because my data plan's limit in noon is 10x smaller compared to midnight limit.

Also while waiting, I will make another game for sale. This time I will release it in PDF platform. I have been waiting the moment to make another PDF game. The game for this jam is a warm up especially for my pixel art before starting the project.