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The aesthetic of this game is spot on. I can't tell if the breakbeat-ey remix of A few of my Favorite Things is placeholder or not, but the music in the title screen and the other levels sounds a lot better, giving an Journey to Silius or Snake's Revenge type vibe.

The gameplay, however, is pretty lacking. I expected this to be some sort of skeleton themed Power Blade, but I got a 2d platformer with somewhat lackluster platforming staring Crash Man. The roll mechanic is a bit unwieldy, and it would greatly benefit form air canceling and/or increased momentum on a jump out of a roll. The level design isn't particularly intuitive either, since it's got neither the design nuance or in-your-face design of the games the look is chasing after.

This could be good after some polish, but as it is now It's a pretty face with little going on under the hood.