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I'm a little confused/concerned. I just played the game for the first time, and while I had the volume at 100%, I never heard a single thing from the game. No music, no sound effects, nothing.

On top of that, after I think one of the first Shift XXX+ rounds that I did, I accidentally gave one of the patrons a drink that they weren't requesting, and once I got to the All Clear! notification and ran into one of the VIP Lounge doors to end the round, said patron was blacked out, and it just stopped and I couldn't find a way to exit without Task Manager. Was there a control that I forgot about when I hit OPTIONS before playing the game or something?

Otherwise, this was a fun little game and I really enjoyed it!

Weird you never had any sound, I haven't heard of that bug before. And yeah, there's some memory leak bug if you play too long. Sorry about that!

Yeah, just... nothing! Might give the game another run a little later, see if I'm still not getting sound. Every once in a while, my headset just flakes out, though I was getting sound for other things that I was running, just not Club Valentine!

Okay, so what happened was a memory leak. Man, and I had hoped my computer was better trained than that!