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Malcolm Lompur

A member registered Apr 22, 2018

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I don't... at least, not yet...

Right, in a bit, this'll likely be my third try through the Odd Forest.

Tried it again. Discovered some more screens that I didn't find my first time around, but still no other ending that I can discern. *shrugs?*

Guess it's back to the woods for me, then!

Not a problem, but yeah, that just tempts me to go back through the game again and see if I can't find the additional exit in the lost woods! I thought I had it when I was told to "FOLLOW THE TREES"...

Well, as far as I can tell, I managed to actually... escape the Odd Forest question mark?

Still a fun romp where I managed to only actually get lost once until I, y'know, paid attention to the sign and focused! Then I found my way!

Admittedly, I don't have any suggestions immediately, but given time, I might? Who knows!

Well, that was an... interesting experience! Finding the third ending was actually a little tricky for me. Not that I didn't end up finding it in the end regardless.

Oh, my God, I am in *love* with this! <3 <3 <3 <3

Yeah, just... nothing! Might give the game another run a little later, see if I'm still not getting sound. Every once in a while, my headset just flakes out, though I was getting sound for other things that I was running, just not Club Valentine!

Okay, so what happened was a memory leak. Man, and I had hoped my computer was better trained than that!

I'm a little confused/concerned. I just played the game for the first time, and while I had the volume at 100%, I never heard a single thing from the game. No music, no sound effects, nothing.

On top of that, after I think one of the first Shift XXX+ rounds that I did, I accidentally gave one of the patrons a drink that they weren't requesting, and once I got to the All Clear! notification and ran into one of the VIP Lounge doors to end the round, said patron was blacked out, and it just stopped and I couldn't find a way to exit without Task Manager. Was there a control that I forgot about when I hit OPTIONS before playing the game or something?

Otherwise, this was a fun little game and I really enjoyed it!

Thank you for providing us with what you could despite being bed-riddled with the flu for half of the jam! I still want to see what more Rogue Ike has in store for us in the future!

Once I figured out how to actually manipulate the levers, I finally managed to get through the entire thing. I would really love to see this finished up and completed, though. It was a pleasure for even the short play-through that I had!