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You have a nice idea, a really good concept right there. The game just needs more polish, but, I really have enjoyed the battle system


Thank you!!

What do you mean by polish?

Because if you asked me i would say polish is one of its biggest strengths.  The cards move "smoothly" and glow, a lot of the elements are "animated", there are different transitions, etc.

I'm not saying that you are wrong, the game needs polish, but compared to the other elements i thought that it stood out.

I'd love to know more about your thoughts in this and thank you again for playing and leaving your feedback.

Not only "juiciness". The game is very juicy, yes it is. I mean like overall polish. But like I've said before, you have a good concept to develop


ahhh, you mean that kind of polish, yes! the buttons are my biggest disgrace.

muito obrigado!

Se eu soubesse que tu falava português kkkk
De nada, cara. Achei o jogo muito bom, se tu investir nessa ideia tu vai conseguir um jogão maneiríssimo e diferente!



eo no falo português jajajajaja pero  entendi tudo!

Saludos de argentina!