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Professor MutationView game page

The Card Game
Submitted by franbeb — 4 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
A puzzle card game about mutating yourself

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First time

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2nd, the first one was one week ago

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Enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the card-game. The overall look and feel of the game felt polished, besides the buttons. Each puzzle forcing you to think in different ways with the mechanics of the game. Very well made.


That's so good!! I usually don't like card games but this is fantastic!! I love the puzzle style of the game and the music is very good. The graphics isn't the best, but the game in the overall is very nice. GG.


This was fun to play. I've been playing a bunch of Slay the Spire lately and I felt that part of my brain activate while playing this. I thought it was pretty novel to combine a card game with a puzzle game and it made me actually wish that other card games had a mode like this to be able to replay hands to see if you can play it more efficiently.

I was pretty stuck on level 10 until I finally figured it out.  Also, did I see Kool-Aid Man in there?

nice game :)


I like the idea of card games that are more instances of puzzles instead of randomized strategy kinda games.  This felt great to play and the art suited it great!  My favorite so far!


Thank you very much cant believe its your favorite and that you liked the art (i just bought asprite and took advantage of the jam to start learning it)

I also love the more puzzly aspect of card games, that was what inspired me. The randomness in card games makes the better play hide behind chances and percentages so I took it away


Wow totally loved this one, I think this is the entry I genuinely enjoyed playing, I love brink of death situations, loved the last 3 levels, I see this one totally being expanded into a full game.


Wow this is a lot, thank you!
Yeah I also like those levels, they are more playful with the mechanics. I wish I had more time to make some more levels,  the first ones are more introductory.
Making it a full game would be nice, the HTML export already kinda works on my phone, could be a fun mobile puzzler!

Thanks again


This was a pretty fun game to play! I went in expecting a card game, but really got a puzzle game instead.  Quite an original concept I would say.  I also didn't realized I had to be  perfect from the start to survive the later round and I was a little bummed when I got stuck later. Overall I had a really neat experience and was glad I gave the game a go!



I really like in card games when your back is against the wall and you have to think the only perfect play thats gonna get you out. The game is kinda of a simulator for that situation :D


Really cool puzzle card game! It has a lot of potential!  :) I got stuck at one of the doppelganger levels, but from what I played I felt like I had to win in the first turn. I guess there will be more turns played if you expand the game. I don't see many card games in these jams and I had fun! Good job :)


Thank you for playing!

So sad you got stuck, you were so close!

Yeah, i started with the turn mechanic but i only used it in one level. I couldn't find an interesting way to use it, since you get the same cards both turns, once you solve turn 1, you just have to do it again for turn 2 .


Wow, favorite game I've played so far!

Really like the art, and the gameplay is butter smooth.

The cards going in and out of the deck feels really good.

Honestly never played a card-based game like this before, really liked it.

Nice Job :)


Thanks a lot!!

I'm really happy you liked it so much!!

This makes me want to expand the game lol


You have a nice idea, a really good concept right there. The game just needs more polish, but, I really have enjoyed the battle system


Thank you!!

What do you mean by polish?

Because if you asked me i would say polish is one of its biggest strengths.  The cards move "smoothly" and glow, a lot of the elements are "animated", there are different transitions, etc.

I'm not saying that you are wrong, the game needs polish, but compared to the other elements i thought that it stood out.

I'd love to know more about your thoughts in this and thank you again for playing and leaving your feedback.


Not only "juiciness". The game is very juicy, yes it is. I mean like overall polish. But like I've said before, you have a good concept to develop


ahhh, you mean that kind of polish, yes! the buttons are my biggest disgrace.

muito obrigado!


Se eu soubesse que tu falava português kkkk
De nada, cara. Achei o jogo muito bom, se tu investir nessa ideia tu vai conseguir um jogão maneiríssimo e diferente!



eo no falo português jajajajaja pero  entendi tudo!

Saludos de argentina!