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Hi Kirill ! Unfortunately, there's still a problem (safari & chrome on Mac) 

Message error : Error load json file Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Here's the structure of my folder and, as you wrote, changed ../tuesday.js to ../tuesday.js

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(CORS) will prevent the project from running locally on the computer. (I haven't figured out how to solve this yet).

To get around this, you need to copy the content from the json file to index.html as a javascript array. I described this problem in more detail here:

try running downloaded from this page (, it is exactly the same but can be run locally.
Or start the "insurance_agent" from same repository.

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there is still an option to run through the visual editor

1 click on the open project button,

2 Choose a folder with a project

3 press button run


Thanks Kirill ! I understand ! 

Well, your first example works fine ! 

But I can't load the folder project in the editor.  Project doesn't appear in window. I on Mac, tried with Chrome and Safari



But the project is not displayed in the window, this is not expected for me, I tested it on Mac os on Safari and Chrome. did not notice the anomaly. You can send a screenshot or tell us more?


Well, actually, when I select the file, nothing happens, nothing is displayed on screen, there's nothing to show. 

enclosed image shows the folder I'm importing :


the situation is clear. you tried to open a project with javascript array. the editor opens the json file. which can then be exported to an executable html file with an array.

thanks for the help, I will think of something with this 😁👍


I got it ! Thank you ! 

I managed to open a project in the editor :)

Hope to see editing function coming now !

Keep upt he good work

🤜🤛 thanks, I'm working on it.⌨👨‍🎨🖱  probably next month will appear


That would be lovely :)

(oh, I saw the update. thanks for the kind word :) )