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Thanks Kirill ! I understand ! 

Well, your first example works fine ! 

But I can't load the folder project in the editor.  Project doesn't appear in window. I on Mac, tried with Chrome and Safari



But the project is not displayed in the window, this is not expected for me, I tested it on Mac os on Safari and Chrome. did not notice the anomaly. You can send a screenshot or tell us more?


Well, actually, when I select the file, nothing happens, nothing is displayed on screen, there's nothing to show. 

enclosed image shows the folder I'm importing :


the situation is clear. you tried to open a project with javascript array. the editor opens the json file. which can then be exported to an executable html file with an array.

thanks for the help, I will think of something with this 😁👍


I got it ! Thank you ! 

I managed to open a project in the editor :)

Hope to see editing function coming now !

Keep upt he good work

🤜🤛 thanks, I'm working on it.⌨👨‍🎨🖱  probably next month will appear


That would be lovely :)

(oh, I saw the update. thanks for the kind word :) )