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Thank you !! It now seems to be working well. Have to learn how to use it now :) 

Hello ! 

Well, I downloaded the new version (1.4) and gave it a try but i still have the same message

Hello ! 

I got this error on loading (tested on El Capitan and Mojave)

Hello ! Unfortunately, the app won't open on mac Capitan nor Mojave. 

Any idea how to fix that ? 


Great ! so you'll be able to make a fix ?

Which system have tested RPG Paper Maker on so far ? 

Actually, I can't even launch the app. It appears in the finder with a "no parking" sign over the icon, meaning it's not running in the current system.

When I click it's says it's mena for OS X 10.12 or more (but doesn't open either on 10.14)

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the terminal

I downloaded the tool but it's not compatible with either of my two Macs ! The first one is in 10.11 and the second one in 10.14 and apparently none of theses systems can run the editor. 

Any idea how to fix this ? 

Thanks !


OK ! I will wait for your documentation and possible example (I don't know how to build a dialogue system)

Thanks for your answer ! Do you have any precise tutorial to set up with Construct ? 

That sounds nice ! Does it work with Construct 3 ?

I like it to be a ROM builder but this tool is so nice, well done and easy to use that it's easy to imagine it for bigger purpose. It's one of the best I've ever seen 

Thank you for your fantastic job !! 

I understand GB hardware limitations that doesn't allow color sprite and obliges to use limited animation frames for characters and tiles to build scenes and also scene sizes, but could it be possible to have these limitation canceled if the game is meant to be deployed in html (computer and mobile) and not for GB devices ? That would be lovely !

Lovely ! 

So, keep me posted about your future avaibilities :)

Hi there ! 

I'm very happy to see Pixel FX adapted to Mac but unfortunately, there are a lot of fatal errors that constantly happen very soon when I use the app. Actually, this is how I always quit the app, by a crash. 

This is absolutely amazing ! 

Would you consider making environments on demand ? I'm working on the history of a little island in France and would love to propose a virtual walk on this island as it was 150 years ago.