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Thank young don't be sorry for late answer. 

Actually structure can have various structure but I send you through mail a json for a simple dialog system


Thank’youn! And about the engine, think’about it !!

This type of game is wonderful ! Have you ever thought of making a game engine out of it ? Is it possible to freely use versifier.js and con versifier.js to make our own games ? Thanks !

Gridless community · Created a new topic Import json ?

Thank you for this wonderful piece of software. 

Is it possible to allow Gridless to create a document by importing an existing json not made by Gridless ? £It would be great to be able to edit  json templates from game engines. 

This tool gets better and better every update. Congratulations ! 

perfect. Thanks !

Wonderfull ! Is there any Mac version planned ?

Oh that's a very great idea !!

We need a Mac version !!

check your mail

Lovely ! Can we add our own personnalised font ? 

Happy Birthday :)

That would be great !!

Hi Kirill, I was thinking about the opening page of your test file for Tuesday, the one with the map and clickable buttons. I think it would be great if you could create a embeded module to help create visual this type of screen. 


Hi ! Well, this update is terrible for laptop users since there is no way now to navigate through the scene. Any idea on how to fix this ? 

sometimes, when I click an icon the proposed function is a bit different than wha I thought it was. Icons have a very precise langage and you are using some that are very common and have everyhere the same meaning to which maybe you should try to stick to. Keep up the good work ! I very impatient to have a full working version of Tuesday

for the interface, try something simple et straight forward. Icons have to be self explenatory.  Check Twine, their interface is very very much efficient and readable 

OK I understand function will appear with time :) Good work !

Good work ! 

So far, the "add element" button in the story block doesn't allow me to create a dialogue. Is the function implemented yet ? 

Not bad ! 

I'm sure good suggestion will appear when we use the software

Looks great. It would be nice to have the opportunity to custom the scene layout (text boxes, avatars, etc)

Also, it is very important to have a visual panorama of the story structure. This is where Twine does a great job showing the project as a tree-like schematic

Good point. 

Also look at Twine and Texture Writter

That would be lovely :)

(oh, I saw the update. thanks for the kind word :) )

I got it ! Thank you ! 

I managed to open a project in the editor :)

Hope to see editing function coming now !

Keep upt he good work

Well, actually, when I select the file, nothing happens, nothing is displayed on screen, there's nothing to show. 

enclosed image shows the folder I'm importing :

Thanks Kirill ! I understand ! 

Well, your first example works fine ! 

But I can't load the folder project in the editor.  Project doesn't appear in window. I on Mac, tried with Chrome and Safari

Hi Kirill ! Unfortunately, there's still a problem (safari & chrome on Mac) 

Message error : Error load json file Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Here's the structure of my folder and, as you wrote, changed ../tuesday.js to ../tuesday.js

(1 edit)

Seems like a very cool project but unfortunately, I couldn't make run the project from the repository (example_tour_guide) even when putting the tuesday.js file into the folder. Any clues about that ? It returns error : 

[Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'story'
(anonymous function) (index.html:8)
[Error] SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'story_json'
(anonymous function) (tuesday.js:1)

Thank you !! It now seems to be working well. Have to learn how to use it now :) 

Hello ! 

Well, I downloaded the new version (1.4) and gave it a try but i still have the same message

Hello ! 

I got this error on loading (tested on El Capitan and Mojave)

Hello ! Unfortunately, the app won't open on mac Capitan nor Mojave. 

Any idea how to fix that ? 


Great ! so you'll be able to make a fix ?

Which system have tested RPG Paper Maker on so far ? 

Actually, I can't even launch the app. It appears in the finder with a "no parking" sign over the icon, meaning it's not running in the current system.

When I click it's says it's mena for OS X 10.12 or more (but doesn't open either on 10.14)

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the terminal

I downloaded the tool but it's not compatible with either of my two Macs ! The first one is in 10.11 and the second one in 10.14 and apparently none of theses systems can run the editor. 

Any idea how to fix this ? 

Thanks !


OK ! I will wait for your documentation and possible example (I don't know how to build a dialogue system)

Thanks for your answer ! Do you have any precise tutorial to set up with Construct ? 

That sounds nice ! Does it work with Construct 3 ?