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Sorry I didn't notice what project you were asking about, I thought you were talking about ascii art paint.

in the project settings, you can specify a global font from those provided in the system, or in the fonts section, you can specify the file and name for your own font.

There are some interesting things on that I didn't think of. i also wanted to add animation capabilities.
Choosing and adding a font, I want to add in the next update,
but with geometric shapes, I still don’t know how best to do it, using different symbols, or only one selected one.

Wow! told about your games on the eastern european Game Developers portal.

Ok! I figured out what's error, I'll try to fix it. Thanks for the example!

very nicely done, good colors

Wow, this is amazing! great job!
Can I add a link to this game to the Tuesday JS page?

I forgot to say that sprites can be used on buttons.

what you described i think it will help you


Probably the best way is to manually reset all variables to their initial  state (specify the value that should be initially) when clicking on the select button with the "Start block" option.

An easier way is to use a JavaScript command to reload the page. but in this option you need to disable the autosave function and it probably won't work in preview


another option will work, if you don't allow the user to save progress on their own, then you can  "Save stage"  at start and use the "Load stage" function at the restart location

Thanks! If you have any more problems or questions write to me.

Sorry, I made a error, forgot to add the hide map feature.

I think you need something like this?

I fixed the issue, but the updated version is only available online on github:

In a few days I will make a release for other platforms, forgive me for this inconvenience )

No problem, any feedback is important to me, it helps to make the editor better.
With variables, I will think about how it is possible to solve this problem.

Hey! Thanks!
I'll try to make the screen orientation for android. but this will need to be tested.
This problem can be solved by splitting the screen if your device supports this feature.

"Also having a condition for a dialog to appear only if certain variable is toggled would be nice."

If I understand you correctly, then perhaps you need "Legacy choice" function. using it, you can set the condition for determining the next block, depending on the value in the variable

Hey! Thanks!

There is no such function, but it is easy to do, I will add it in the next update.

you can download the alpha version here (free)

My favorite podcast ))))

Thanks! yes, you can sell games created with this editor, and you can also use the source code to tailor the editor to your needs.

Yes! it runs on JavaScript and this language can be used to modify the project.

Thanks! fixed

ok i'll add an arrow to the screenshot

The code on Github will be updated as often as before. releases for Github will appear less often

For this I use cordova, the whole process is described here:

Framework Ionic is also well suited for this, it's almost the same thing, but with advanced features.


all versions do not need the Internet to work

Win and Mac versions is based on NW.js and has its own web engine, making it not nearly operating system independent. Mobile version is completely dependent on the Android distribution, as it uses the built-in WebView of the operating system. Because of this, such a difference in size, 
If there is a free space issue, you can use the web version on a PC offline with a suitable browser, which is equivalent to the desktop versions.

Thanks )

Thank you for paying attention, I was mistaken, there must be a "replacing",

Hello thanks! It's really weird, I'll see what I can do

wow, ok thanks ☺

If you do not need to loop it is better to use the "Play sound" element. "Stop sound" can only stop the sound started by "Play sound".

If you are using music for a scene, then to stop it try to write "false", "off" or something else.

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Hello! thanks! but this cannot be fixed

External CSS will not show up in the scene editor because if you apply your own CSS it can affect the editor itself and cause problems. The entire editor interface is written in css

Thanks for reporting problems, i appreciate it 👍

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for nw.js the command would be like this:


for Android, if you use Cordova as in the guide, then there is the same as in the browser. ('');  

For a demonstration of working with variables, try this example the value from the variable into the text can be inserted like this

With the problematic "load" button, thanks for saying 👍

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Thank you for your feedback, I wrote down your suggestions in the development plan, there may be problems with sprite sheets, not all browsers do it correctly, I have already tried it.

The external link is currently set by the JS command: ('');  

it needs to be added to the parameters of the "JavaScript" button

If you port the game to a PC using NW.js or Electron, then other commands are used there

To display a variable in the text, you must use the variable name in angle brackets <variable_name>.  if the variable is not showing, try clearing storage and turning off autosave for the project.

Hello Thanks! I will definitely correct

the screenshot shows that you have a different problem, the file format is written in capital letters, there is no such option in the program, rename .PNG to .png

Hello, there are no restrictions for images, this is possible if the files have read and access restrictions.

if the problem persists, try using the web version. it is the same as for desktops and can work offline

Hello! You must select a folder with a file, not a specific file. Did you stay so?

Thanks for the screenshots, if this version is not from Google Play, then I have not encountered such a situation yet. I will let you know when I find a solution to this problem.

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sorry for the long answer

For Android 10 and higher, then you need to specify 'Allow access to manage all files' in the application settings in 'Permissions' section.

Unfortunately, Google has become very strict about access to personal data, including access to files, because of this, you must enable extended file access yourself.