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Perhaps something similar to your game "Hickey's House". but the editor is more vector graphics oriented.

Regarding language support, localization is present, the engine itself determines the browser language and, if there is an appropriate localization, uses it. otherwise, the first language in the list of localizations will be selected. There is also a manual language selection.

There is a warning on GitHub that macOS 11 API not supported.

"Neutralinojs" works with the WebView component just like framework "Cordova", which is why the assemblies are so small.This makes it highly dependent on the operating system, unlike "Electron" and "NW.js" which contains the web engine "Chromium" inside.

Thanks for info, maybe I can export projects from "Tuesday JS" for PC using "Neutralinojs" 🤜🤛

Cool! Thank! according to the description of "Neutralinojs" it is interesting.

There is something wrong with the current version,  I am following this tutorial

Mac and Win gave me the same error. Perhaps I did not understand something or did something wrong)

wow thanks!!! I'm glad you liked it

JS file structure is described here.

a basic tutorial on the editor is here

wow! thanks! Great video

Wow! Thanks )

Unfortunately, the current version does not work on mobile devices. (((

The Steam version will be completely the same as the browser version.

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Hello! thanks )

Unfortunately, the editor will not be able to work on mobile devices.

I have visited making mobile versions of the editor through a browser or as a native app. besides the problems with loading the project, there were still many problems with the interface and management.
Maybe in the future I will make a light version of the editor for Android and iOS

Hello! thanks )

In the editor, this function is not provided because css gives more options for hover effects.  How to do it:

1. you need to create a style.css file and add code to it:

.choice:hover { /*'choice' style name, it can be anything with a dot at the beginning*/
    background-color: #ccc; /* hover color*/
.choice {
    background-color: #888; /* main color*/

2. add the created file to the working folder and specify it in the project settings.

3. In scene editor, specify the name of style in the “ClassName

It is important to remove the color from the “Color” settings otherwise it will not work.


All thanks to your support and the community! This is the main incentive to sell the development

Thank you!

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It be viewed in editor itself in the "info" section.

updates are chaotic, so the version number changes only after big changes

It's amazingly glad you liked it.👍

thanks, i will keep working

Contact for any question )

It depends on your browser. I tried to point to a specific folder, but it didn't work the same in all browsers. Therefore, unfortunately, there is no such function.

There may have been some changes after the creation of the tutorial, but they did not affect the relevance of this tutorial.


json is not allowed because it is a data structure format. to publish a project on or another site, you need to build a project (Step 36 : Build project) and get an .html file and then pack it into a .zip file with the rest of the project files. And this  .zip can be downloaded at

In the future, I will add the assembly directly to the zip file.

Thank you, if you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write to me

thanks 🤗

How to make a mobile application from a project made on tuesday js does, I will tell you in the next post. 😁👍

Editor as a standalone application for mobile devices.

i will try ) 🤜🤛

i will try )


The first option can be done. There is no option with multiple options.

You will also need to use the functionality of the variable.

I can give you an example and send it to the mail with an explanation

Write me to Email

Hello! Quiz you can do on tuesday js

To add a button with a choice of answers, you need to select a dialog, click on the pencil icon and select "Scen edit".

There, on the right side, there will be an item "Buttons & Сhoice" where you can create selection buttons.

I recommend reading tutorial

Thank you.

thanks )

I saw your letter! thanks a lot, this will help me a lot!

If you have the opportunity, can you help me translate the texts from the project site into French?

I did not think about that ) I wrote it down in the tasks, I'll add it in the near future. It's easy to do.


more like Novelty. rather it will be a regular layout editor like in GDevelop, Costruct or Clickteam Fusion



cool thanks!

thanks 👍 )

Thanks, I'll try to fix it