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First, I downloaded RockRobin as by itself from the website. After it was fully downloaded, I tried launching it and the game crashed immediately. After that, I downloaded the Itch.io desktop app, and decided to download the game on there too. After it was fully downloaded, I tried launching it once more and it still crashed. I then uninstalled it, and tested it one more time, and still nothing. Any ideas?

Update: Saw the FAQ in another post, and checked my video drivers. They're working properly, and are up-to-date.

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Now this is odd. Which OS do you use? Windows? Linux? Mac? Are there any error messages before it crashes? And finally, are you able to visualize the splash image before the game window loads and crashes? That little detail is actually pretty important.

If you are able to see it and your game crashes right after that, it's possible that your graphics card has an issue to initialize OpenGL. If you're using Windows, note that you will need to install the newest version of DirectX 9 or superior to use the OpenGL renderer. Check more info on which DirectX you can install here. If it still doesn't work try this: Once you see the splash image, hold Shift. You'll be taken to a menu to pick your Graphics Acceleration settings. Tell it to use software renderer, then start the game again.

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I use Windows, there aren't any error messages before it crashes. All I see is a little box that says RockRobin that's only on the screen for merely a second, which i'm going to assume isn't this "Splash" image you speak of.

I have just checked which DirectX I have, and it's DirectX11, I use windows 8. Is that any help? Not sure.

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That is the splash, actually.

Try holding SHIFT when booting up to try different modes.

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Things this may also be:

  • Your Anti-Virus program is blocking it.
  • Your computer username has non-ASCII characters in it.
  • You don't have enough memory.
  • Your drivers may be up-to-date, but your computer is using your on-board video card instead of your primary one (another tester had a similar issue and had to force their video card software to run the game).