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I'm looking so much forward to this I actually come once or twice a week juuuust to make sure if there isn't an update or if it wasn't released. *sigh* Thank you for the incredible demo! For once a VN where the choices don't feel binary, I actually go between one kind of answer to another depending on what its going on and it adds to the character's personality. No more picking every choice of a certain personality on my first playtrough , in one game at least!

Hihi for some reason clicking the download button does nothing. Really want to try out the demo though. Help~~

I'm really into the fashionista's looks too (I suppose he would be very please to know that as well hahaha). But I really want to know his personality better first. I will be following you guys 'w' Tata~

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And again, the link on happybackwards.com will only work if the user is currently online on the forum. Though nothing on the download page points that out.

Thought it was a good idea to say it.

Nevermind, figured what was wrong. '_' It was some issue with my friend's internet. Go figure.

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Not sure if it supposed to be like this, but I can't for the life of me make the download button work. It was fine just a few days ago too:


Now it is not a link anymore. My friends pointed it out as well, so I guess it's the same thing for everyone/or at least almost everyone. I showed them the link on happybackwards.com instead.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Fanarts Topic
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Post your fanart here, or leave a comment about other's!
Please be respectful to everyone and be mindful about what you post since there are people of all ages reading the topic, 'w'

You may also post your fanart at HappyB's forum.

Looking forward to seeing them...! :D

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Okay, here I go again. During Collin's route his event with Robin calming him down after they --- happened before her encounter with Grace. Those should go the other way around, no? *Blinks* Just wondering if I'm sleepy and missed something on the way.

And yeah, so far the update is working alright. Guess it was just an hiccup.

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So, this happened today:

Made a band including Joel, Natasha and Collin. Saved the game on default screen (with the playlist, and the list of buttons such as Manage Band, Band Meeting etc). Updated the game to the latest release today. Loaded saved file. Game went back to the Modify Band Screen with all characters exiting the band except Robin. Also I received an warning for a split second saying that Owen left the band. (?)

Possible update hiccup? I'll try a new game just to check.

PS: I had already finished a few events with Collin prior to saving.

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Now this is odd. Which OS do you use? Windows? Linux? Mac? Are there any error messages before it crashes? And finally, are you able to visualize the splash image before the game window loads and crashes? That little detail is actually pretty important.

If you are able to see it and your game crashes right after that, it's possible that your graphics card has an issue to initialize OpenGL. If you're using Windows, note that you will need to install the newest version of DirectX 9 or superior to use the OpenGL renderer. Check more info on which DirectX you can install here. If it still doesn't work try this: Once you see the splash image, hold Shift. You'll be taken to a menu to pick your Graphics Acceleration settings. Tell it to use software renderer, then start the game again.

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Bug Report Topic
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Guess who.'w' Thought it was a good idea to start this topic. I'll be giving the game a go and post again if I find anything.

Tips : How to write a good Bug Report

Anybody who has written software for public use will probably have received at least one bad bug report. Reports that say nothing ("It doesn't work!"); reports that make no sense; reports that don't give enough information; reports that give wrong information. Reports of problems that turn out to be user error; reports of problems that turn out to be the fault of somebody else's program; reports of problems that turn out to be network failures.

I'll try to state clearly what makes a good bug report. Ideally I would like everybody to read this before reporting any bugs. Hopefully that will make things easier :)

In a nutshell, the aim of a bug report is to enable the programmer to see the program failing in front of them! You can either show them in person, or give them careful and detailed instructions on how to make it fail. If they can make it fail, they will try to gather extra information until they know the cause. If they can't make it fail, they will have to ask you to gather that information for them.

  • In bug reports, try to make very clear what are actual facts ("I was at the computer and this happened") and what are speculations ("I think the problem might be this"). Leave out speculations if you want to, but don't leave out facts.
  • Tell them exactly what you did. Which buttons you pressed and what order you pressed them in. If it's a bug that happened after typing something, show them precisely what you typed.
  • Sometimes the fault doesn't show up on every computer; your system and theirs may differ in some way. Remember to give your specs if something still doesn't work.
  • If you saw error messages then tell the programmer, carefully and precisely, what they were. They are important! At this stage, the programmer is not trying to fix the problem: they're just trying to find it. They need to know what has gone wrong, and those error messages are the computer's best effort to tell you that.
  • In particular, if the error message has numbers in it, do let the programmer have those numbers.
  • Be specific. If you can do the same thing two different ways, state which one you used.
  • Be verbose. Give more information rather than less.
  • Be careful of pronouns. Don't use words like "it", or references like "the window", when it's unclear what they mean. Consider this: "I started FooApp. It put up a warning window. I tried to close it and it crashed." It isn't clear what the user tried to close. Did they try to close the warning window, or the whole of FooApp? It makes a difference.
  • As pointed out below, it would be nice of you to warn about typos too. ^_^

When an antelope is confronted with something unexpected or frightening, it freezes. It stays absolutely still and tries not to attract any attention, while it stops and thinks and works out the best thing to do. If you stumble upon a bug, keep calm and take note of what happened so far. If you close error messages too fast you may miss important information necessary to fix the bug...! x_x

Remember, if you're playing the beta safe often..! *chuckle*

Hope this was helpful...! Have fun playing! XD