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Replied to Ammy in Bug Report Topic
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I use Windows, there aren't any error messages before it crashes. All I see is a little box that says RockRobin that's only on the screen for merely a second, which i'm going to assume isn't this "Splash" image you speak of.

I have just checked which DirectX I have, and it's DirectX11, I use windows 8. Is that any help? Not sure.

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First, I downloaded RockRobin as by itself from the website. After it was fully downloaded, I tried launching it and the game crashed immediately. After that, I downloaded the Itch.io desktop app, and decided to download the game on there too. After it was fully downloaded, I tried launching it once more and it still crashed. I then uninstalled it, and tested it one more time, and still nothing. Any ideas?

Update: Saw the FAQ in another post, and checked my video drivers. They're working properly, and are up-to-date.