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I have 3 class ideas, of varying levels of fuzziness. 

  1. Assassin (name absolutely pending) - attack from stealth, apply various debuffs. Quick action to hide. Thinking about adding maybe a combo type system (like Diablo 2/WoW assassins/rogues. Alternatively, have upgrades that can make unstealthed attacks more potent? Still brainstorming. 
  2. Alchemist- Makes concoction, throws like bombs. Ally buffs and enemy debuffs. Maybe too similar to the Doctor class?
  3. Hunter (my Bloodborne class haha) - uses monster blood to enhance attacks but at a dangerous cost. General idea: push your luck mechanic, focus on being a melee beast (as opposed to the arcanist which swims in similar waters???)

These all sound awesome! As a complete sucker for Bloodborne, I really hope to see what you do with a Hunter.