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It's slay or be slain

To celebrate the release of the monster hunting RPG Slayers, it's time to jam! Here's the run down:

  • Create anything you want for Slayers
  • Some ideas: new classes, monsters, Hunts, districts, full-blown hacks
  • The Creator Kit is filled with guidance and templates you can use!
  • I encourage you to put a price on your work, if you are comfortable doing so. If you do so, I would also encourage you to use Community Copies as an option to help those in need
  • Slayers was released with a Creative Commons 4.0 License, so go wild with making stuff and don't worry about stepping on my toes! Just make sure you include the legalese that you can find in the Creator Kit
  • If you participate, tweet me @GilaRPGs and let me know! I want to see it, and share your excitement!
  • There isn't any judging here, it's for fun! I will be hosting the submissions here on a collection on my itch page for 3rd party Slayers content, to hopefully bring more eyes to your most excellent work
  • Any games or content that encourages hate or bigotry have no fucking place here. 

New to Slayers? Here's what you need to know:

  • You are monster hunters
  • The setting is a cursed city that expands infinitely towards the horizon
  • Each class is asymmetrical from the others, using a very different and unique combat mechanic
  • You can grab the PDF here, or the hardcover book here

Let's fill The City with new and exciting things! New Slayers will hit the streets, horrifying monsters will emerge, and a whole lot more.

Or maybe you want to make a hack of Slayers and set it in space? Hell yeah, let's do that. 


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Eight weird classes for Slayers
A Slayers RPG Supplement
Four new playbooks for the game Slayers
A supplement containing an expanded amount of character options in the form of class 'Specailizations'
A chaotic dice-stacking class for the Slayers RPG
A class for the Slayers TTRPG
They're gonna need more allies...
A New Class for Slayers
A Class for the Slayers RPG
A monstrous custom class for the Slayers RPG
Slayers City Districts describes six new districts for The City in the Slayers RPG.
This 25+ page supplement provides a setting, substantial lore expansion, and a 10-session story arc for the Slayers RPG
A class for the Slayers TTRPG
A class for the Slayers TTRPG
Ink- A new class for Slayers RPG
Deckmaster Class for Slayers
The Hourglass Class for Slayers
A Swamp District for Slayers. A "Slayer Jam" Submission.
A class for the Slayer TTRPG
Adventure in a digital constructed reality
A class for the Slayers TTRPG
A class for the Slayers TTRPG
You are different. A new Slayers Class
A spacebound Slayers hack