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This absolutely owns! It’s hands down my favorite game for emulating Dark Souls at the table. 10/10

Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

This is still a work in progress! I plan to add a character sheet and fiddle with the layout a bit. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

I have 3 class ideas, of varying levels of fuzziness. 

  1. Assassin (name absolutely pending) - attack from stealth, apply various debuffs. Quick action to hide. Thinking about adding maybe a combo type system (like Diablo 2/WoW assassins/rogues. Alternatively, have upgrades that can make unstealthed attacks more potent? Still brainstorming. 
  2. Alchemist- Makes concoction, throws like bombs. Ally buffs and enemy debuffs. Maybe too similar to the Doctor class?
  3. Hunter (my Bloodborne class haha) - uses monster blood to enhance attacks but at a dangerous cost. General idea: push your luck mechanic, focus on being a melee beast (as opposed to the arcanist which swims in similar waters???)

For my submission, I’m working on a class for Basic Fantasy RPG (though by nature it’ll be cross compatible with a bunch of old/retro systems). My approach is to base it on the magic user class (for xp progression, saving throws, etc). I’m going to modifier the spell list (combo of magic user and Druid), though instead of spells in the traditional sense, I’m reflavoring them as tinctures, salves, and charms. They will take longer to prepare, but can be used by others as well. They will have a familiar, which will be the spirit (in animal form) that they draw their power from. The familiar will provide added utility, but if it is killed it will harm the witch, and weaken their power until resummoned. 

Anyway, that’s what I have so far.