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I'm totally into fix frame.
No dialog is quite hard, let's set it as "optional difficulty" :)

3 sentences (or 3 lines) makes more sense than 30 words as it's the haiku kind of base.

Just give it a try to see how Bitsy enthusiasts react! No such thing as parasiting the monthly jam. Be sure to ask the Bitsy discord for further questions (:


I thought we were going to co-host the Jam...!

I'll post the pitch when I have time to write down and do some visuals :)

I'll totally be honoured to co-host it. How can we do this?

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J'en ai parlé aux membres du Pang Pang Club que j'anime et iels sont enthousiasmé par le thème. Si tu veux on peut faire ça depuis le discord du Club !

...Discord ne veut plus fonctionner pour moi pour l'instant. Oh no!  :( Que faire? Discord aurait été l'idéal, mais quelles autres options en attendant?

oh nooo ! Mail, twitter ou instagram ?

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