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Hi!! 🌻 Been a while since anybody commented on this game, so thanks a bunch!

So glad you liked it, even with invisible flowers. ðŸ˜… That's a weird bug… Did you try both the web build and the one native to your OS? 

(EDIT: Oh, my goodness! I realised I never put the native builds on this page. Sorry about that. They're uploaded now!)

Unfortunately this is just a jam game made in three days so it isn't receiving updates, but it's definitely high on my list of jam games that I might actually develop further at some point!

(I also made this gardening game if you missed it, but again a jam game that isn't super deep)

Hope you do find that perfect one tho! ðŸ˜


I found a wonderful one here on itch! I found Sand | A superfluous game. Really fun, haven't beat it yet but I'm enjoying it. Also, even though it was made for a game jam, I could see it becoming a good terrarium-like mobile game. The music was relaxing and nice even though I couldn't see what I was doing haha. I'll look into your other game, as well!

That does look very well done, cool! ðŸ¤© And thanks again!