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Such a lovely game! The mechanics of the flower breeding surprised me once I discovered them. Very nice and relaxing! I made myself a little garden of all kinds of colors :)

I found a wonderful one here on itch! I found Sand | A superfluous game. Really fun, haven't beat it yet but I'm enjoying it. Also, even though it was made for a game jam, I could see it becoming a good terrarium-like mobile game. The music was relaxing and nice even though I couldn't see what I was doing haha. I'll look into your other game, as well!

Hello! I love this game, I recently discovered it looking for gardening games. My only issue is, I can't see the flowers :( I've been playing the game blindly. I do enjoy the music though, so at least it's a little fun. I'm still on a quest to find the perfect gardening game, and I won't stop until I do! (I like the satisfaction of planting crops and selling them, but most farming games like Hay Day and stuff just aren't appealing. You don't get to connect with the crops you're growing, and they just take far too long to grow)