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Hello! I love this game, I recently discovered it looking for gardening games. My only issue is, I can't see the flowers :( I've been playing the game blindly. I do enjoy the music though, so at least it's a little fun. I'm still on a quest to find the perfect gardening game, and I won't stop until I do! (I like the satisfaction of planting crops and selling them, but most farming games like Hay Day and stuff just aren't appealing. You don't get to connect with the crops you're growing, and they just take far too long to grow)

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Hi!! 🌻 Been a while since anybody commented on this game, so thanks a bunch!

So glad you liked it, even with invisible flowers. 😅 That's a weird bug… Did you try both the web build and the one native to your OS? 

(EDIT: Oh, my goodness! I realised I never put the native builds on this page. Sorry about that. They're uploaded now!)

Unfortunately this is just a jam game made in three days so it isn't receiving updates, but it's definitely high on my list of jam games that I might actually develop further at some point!

(I also made this gardening game if you missed it, but again a jam game that isn't super deep)

Hope you do find that perfect one tho! 😍


I found a wonderful one here on itch! I found Sand | A superfluous game. Really fun, haven't beat it yet but I'm enjoying it. Also, even though it was made for a game jam, I could see it becoming a good terrarium-like mobile game. The music was relaxing and nice even though I couldn't see what I was doing haha. I'll look into your other game, as well!

That does look very well done, cool! 🤩 And thanks again!